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Story: Visible

Summary: Five Years after Superstar (which you totally don’t have to read to get this) Justin is an art director in Hollywood and Brian is a legitmate actor. He gets a role on a new Fox series entitled “Vanished” and he and Justin are in LA together.

Warnings: NC-17 (‘cause it’s Brian and Justin.)

Disclaimers: I know jack shit about making a television show, being an art director, acting, etc. Also, I don’t own these characters…I don’t even technically own my car.

Chapter One


“Hi. What’s up?”

“Just got a call from Danny.”


“Fox picked up the pilot.”

“Holy shit! How many episodes?”


“Holy shit!”

“Stop saying that.”


“Because it makes you sound star-struck?”

“Pfft. I’m past being star-struck.”


“Do they know?”

“Know what?”

“Stop acting stupid. Do they know you were a porn star?”

“Yeah, they think it’s great. Danny says they’re going to play that angle for all it’s worth. Make sure the show gets the proper ‘exposure'.”

Justin laughed. “Something will get proper exposure.”

“The news gets better.”

“Better than you getting a series?”

“They’re not shooting on location.”

Justin almost dropped his phone. “What?”

“They’re not shooting on location. Turns out the costs would be prohibitive. We’re shooting on a soundstage. In L.A.”

“Holy shit!”

“Think you can stand me for that long?”

“We’ll probably kill each other.”

“Probably. I can get my own place.”

“Don’t even fucking think about it.”

“We haven’t lived together in a while.”

“Yeah, not since you were on Passions.” Justin heard someone calling Brian's name.

“You have to go?”

“Yeah, two more scenes and then the Deadwood shoot wraps. I’ll be there in five days.”

“I’ll be naked.”

“You’re not naked now?”

Justin laughed again and Brian smiled. “I gotta go call someone a cocksucker. Call you tonight.”

“I’ll be naked then.”

“You’d better.”


“Christ I hate that sound.”

“Twenty-two weeks.”

“Fucking weird, huh?”

Justin hung up the phone and couldn’t stop smiling. It had been a long fucking trip to get this far. He finished the final sketch for the set of the movie he was working on. He was still smiling and almost humming when his phone rang again.


“Hey James, what’s up?”

“I’m fucked.”

“Uh huh.”

“Seriously. Candice just announced she’s in her second trimester and quit.”

“You’re fucked.”

“I need you.”


“Because you know what you’re doing and I just hired to work on a new show.”

“Which one?”

“Pilot Fox just picked up.”

“Holy shit!”


“Brian’s starring.”

“Fuck. Never mind.”


“You two can’t work together, nothing’ll ever get done.”

“Fuck you. You said you were fucked without me.”

“You and Brian on a set. That’s…”

“It’ll make him a star. His creative juices will be flowing.”

“Some juices will be flowing. Not sure how creative.”

“I just finished the set design on yes you do. I’m out of a job. You have to hire me.”

“I don’t have to do anything.”

“But you wanna.”

Justin waited, knowing James would give in eventually. “Fine. But if you embarrass me.”

“How could I embarrass you, I mean other than working with my um… with Brian, who know, used to be a porn star. Oh fuck.”


“Nothing. But just remember, I used to be really young and stupid.”

“And now?”

“I’m less young.”

“So Monday ten thirty at the fox lot. I’ll leave your name.”

“See you then.”

Justin drove towards his house. It was small, for California, but it had a pool and wasn’t too far from most of the studios. He fucking hated traffic. He picked up dinner and was about to take a bite of his egg roll when the phone rang.


“Done early. Be there in two days.”

“You finished both scenes?”

“Yeah. But they’re finishing the show off with two full length films.”

“That’s good right?” Justin asked through a mouth full of lo mein.

“Christ, you’ve got no manners.”

“Don’t need ‘em. Oh and I got another job.”

“What about yes you do?”

“Finished it today.”

“And found another job already?”

“It’s a new pilot Fox just picked up.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Are you mad?”

“No, but I think we’re insane.”

“Well hell, we already knew that.”

“So we’re working and living together for twenty-two weeks?”

“Unless you don’t want me to.”

“Fuck, Justin. You know they’re gonna pull up stills of our first film.”

“Yeah. So what?”

“So, I’m an actor, people will just… this could…”

“Brian, is now a good time to remind you that you met me on the set of a porn film where you popped my cherry in front of twenty or so people?”

He heard Brian sigh.

“Stop. It was hot.”

“You were so fucking young.”

“Still am compared to you.”

“We’re gonna kill each other before I even get to LA.”


“If the show’s a success, we could be together for years.”

“We already have been.”

“Oh yeah.”

“So if you’re done, why two days?”

“Stopping back in Pittsburgh to see Gus.”

“And your friends.”


“Wish I could be there.”

“I’ll be there soon enough.”

“This could be fun.”

“I’m guessing it’s going to be hard.”

“I’m counting on it.”

“Christ you’re easy.”

“Should I remind you about the porn film again?”

“Please don’t. You were like five.”

“HEY! Howcum I get younger every time you tell that story?”

“Because you were painfully young.”

“Nothing painful about it.”

“Gotta go. Packing. Plane leaves in three hours.”

“So are you renting a car?”

“Yeah, I'll need one in LA. I’ll see you at the house.”

“Can’t wait.”

“You’re gonna have to.”

Brian hung up the phone and sat back. He’d shaved. The beard had been itchy. He’d constantly felt filthy on the set and was glad principle shooting was done. He’d have to come back to do some looping, but they said he might be able to do that in the studio in LA. He started packing. A small smile crept across his face….

Twenty-two weeks in LA with Justin. Working with him. Fucking him. Living with him. Finally. Five years was a long time to only be together when they happened to be in the same city. He really hoped the show was a success. He wouldn’t mind doing films during the breaks but hell, it would be nice to be in one place, and not living out of a trailer, for more than a couple of months.


Justin heard the door creak open and rushed Brian the moment he was inside. He kissed him hard, his legs wrapped around his waist, his arms wrapped around his neck. He felt Brian’s arms hold him tightly supporting his weight. Eventually, he pulled his head away.



“You look hot.”

“So it seems.”

“Fuck me.”

“Can I get my bags first?”


Brian chuckled and Justin lowered his legs. He walked him backwards towards the nearest piece of furniture. It was a sage green sectional. He hadn’t been with Justin when the kid had picked his furniture. He didn’t fucking care that the sofa was ugly, the very horny blonde laying on it, wasn’t.

He felt eager fingers pulling at his tie and he gave the kid a hand. Justin lifted a leg onto Brian’s chest and he pulled off his sock. Brian’s body covered Justin’s as they kissed again. Justin’s hands above his head, his body arched into Brian’s as if breaking contact might be physically painful. Brian understood the feeling.

His fingers were inside Justin now, and he felt the tight heat clamp down around him. It was always a surprise. After they’d been apart it was always a fucking surprise how hot, how tight, how perfect he was. He heard the deep grunts coming from Justin and pulled himself out of his reverie. He kissed him again and slowly inched his way into him.

Justin was pulling Brian closer. His small hands splayed against his strong back now as he angled his body for maximum pleasure and maximum contact. Brian's hands were around his shoulders, pulling him forward. Justin’s mouth found one of Brian’s nipples and he bit. Brian groaned and Justin smiled and did it again, feeling Brian’s rhythm increase.

They were both close. So close. Brian’s eyes were open. “Look at me.”

Justin’s eyes met Brian’s and they stayed like that. Their bodies moving together like a single entity. Their eyes locked on one another. And when Justin’s tongue darted out to lick his lips, and Brian rolled his lower lip between his teeth, they both came.

Justin was idly playing with Brian’s disconcertingly long hair. His hand sliding through the soft brown locks that almost reached his shoulders.

“You’re skinny.”

“Lost fifteen pounds. Fucking hot out there.”

“I missed you.”

“Yeah. Me too.”

“We’re not gonna kill each other.”

“Not if you always greet me at the door like this.”


“But if you insist on making that sound…”

Justin laughed and Brian felt his small lithe body move under him. “Twenty-two weeks.”

“Unless it gets cancelled.”


Justin’s arms wrapped around Brian and they fell asleep on the sofa. Sweaty, naked and together.


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  • (no subject)

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