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Mirror Sex PWP for anteportas

so in this post i posted the following question:

If two hot tricks head towards Brian, who's on the dance floor. The first heading from the bar towards Brian at 2:22 am. the second moving down from the catwalk at 2:18 am, and Brian pulls a third trick into the back room. at what time will these two wannabes move on to Justin?

anteportas answered correctly with this:

Answer : In no time. They were obviously heading towards Justin from the start. They just pretended to head towards Brian to confuse each other, so each can get to Justin first. But they get there at the same time. :)

so she got to pick the fic kink of her choice for a PWP...

her fic kink...Mirror Sex in front of a full length mirror.

my response... click the cut if you're over 18 and enjoy.

if you're under 18 WTF are you doing reading my LJ?


I can’t believe I’m here. Actually, I kind of can. Daphne’s idea was flawed. But there was a certain angle that appealed to me. The stalker angle. It had worked before. It could work again. Maybe it shouldn’t have. Maybe with two sane people it wouldn’t have. Neither of us are completely sane. It worked.

And what we have now. It’s more than working. He’s out. He’ll be back. I just finished putting up about a thousand anti-Stockwell posters. I stashed my stuff at Daph’s and headed back to the loft. It’s after three. He’ll show up eventually, probably alone. If he’s with someone… well, that could be fun too.

I’m walking around a little aimlessly. There’s a little flutter in my stomach just thinking about what I want to do to him, what I want him to do to me. Memories flood at every movement. There’s not a part of this place I haven’t been intimate with. Literally, I think I’ve been fucked on every surface, every spot on the hardwood floors. In every corner.

I’m in front of the mirror now and I’m a little taken back by what I see. I look older.

It’s not just the hair. Okay, the hair’s a part of it, but fuck, who had the money or time for a haircut lately. It’s getting really long. I think I might keep it this way. I kind of dig it. Brian loves it. He can’t stop touching it. His hands are always stroking it, carding it, twirling it. I swear, I might shave it just so his attention goes back to my ass.

There’s something else though. My eyes? The set of my jaw? I always thought that was a stupid expression but I do look older. I’m older and I’m still here. Or I’m back or whatever. I’m in the loft again…home. No, I don’t live here. No, I don’t want to live here, but that doesn’t make it feel less like home sometimes.

Like now. I left my jacket on the hook but I’m anxious and waiting for Brian, and hard. I’m comfortable here. I’m still staring at myself as I take off my shirt. Still me but… different. Shoulders a little broader maybe? I don’t know. I’m not Brian. I don’t spend hours in front of a mirror. My hand runs down my own chest and I’m imagining it’s Brian’s hand. The way his long strong dark fingers make me feel, the way they contrast against my skin.

He made me swear once never to go tanning. He likes me pale. I laughed, but I don’t fake bake. I like me pale too. This pretty little blonde boy thing works for me. It gets me things you wouldn’t believe. Seriously, guys perv on it. I can use that. I do.

I’m toeing off my sneakers and I drop my jeans. I kick them out of my way. I have no idea when Brian will be back and I’m not sure I can wait for him. I’m looking at myself. Trying to see what he sees. What it is that made him take me back. It was probably words more than looks but still… he had to like what he saw…Brian’s not that self-actualized. He doesn’t fuck ugly.

My hand is around my own cock now and I’m thinking about the other night, in his office. We were so frenzied, and yet… there was a tenderness to it. Like neither of us had gotten laid since the last time we’d been together. And we all know that’s not true. But fuck…it was hot. Just thinking about it makes me harder and I’m stroking myself pretty fast. I can hear the blood rushing and my heart is pounding and that’s why I don’t notice when the door opens.

I look up and Brian’s standing behind me. There’s someone with him. He’s hot. Brian’s hotter.

His arms snake around my waist and his hand joins mine, slowing my movements but not stopping.

“What are you doing here?” It’s a low growl in my ear. My stomach flips. Maybe he’s mad. I look up to meet his eyes in the mirror. He’s not mad.

“Wanted you.”

Brian’s hands are still around me. His eyes meet mine in the full-length mirror. I’m taken again by what a study we are in contrasts. Tall, dark, against slight and pale. It’s so fucking amazing. I love the way he towers over me. I love the way he bends his knees so our bodies align.

He’s said something and I missed it but apparently it wasn’t directed at me. The guy he brought back was rocking from one foot to another probably not expecting this. Apparently not sure what to do now. Brian puts him to work quickly. He turns me slightly to my side… just a little, the angle better to watch as the guy’s on his knees, his mouth open.

I lean my head back against Brian’s chest and he pulls away just long enough to unbutton his shirt and let it slide off his shoulders. My hands are trapped at my waist under his and the trick is purring, letting my cock slide along his cheek before I see his tongue flick out and touch it.

Watching him, feeling Brian behind me, one of his hands now expertly working my ass and I’m about to come.

His free hand is caressing my belly. “Ride it Justin. Just let it go. Relax.”

And I do. I’m just letting the feelings wash over me.

Brian’s eyes haven’t left the mirror and neither have mine. The guy knows what he’s doing. He takes me to the back of his throat and swallows. His tongue is pretty fucking talented and he’s working it.

I feel Brian push against my hole and I’m going to fall. I know it. My knees almost buckle. The temperature just went up about twenty degrees. We’re all enveloped in this hot musky bubble and it’s exactly where I want to be. Brian’s pushing into me now. One hand firmly around my waist. He’s holding me up. He knows it’s too much.

The things Brian doesn’t know about my body… I’m not sure there are any. His other hand is running through my hair. I spread my legs wider and I can’t think.

I want to buck into the tricks mouth and fuck his face. I want to press back and take more of Brian into me. I can’t to either. Brian’s hold on me is that secure. That strong. Not just his arm around my waist. His words. His hot breath vibrating against my ear.

“Just let it go Justin. Ride it.”

And I’m trying. I bury my hands in the tricks hair but he’s using too much gel or something and besides, that’s not what I want to feel.

I arch back onto Brian, thrusting myself into the guy’s mouth. My hands over my head reaching behind me to pull Brian’s head towards mine for a graceless and much needed kiss.

His tongue sneaks out and licks the corner of my mouth and then he nudges my head with his nose and I’m back to looking at the image before me in the mirror.

My body is stretched like a cat. My hands running through Brian's hair. My ass impaled. He’s sliding in and out of me and I can feel it and I can see it and it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. He disappears completely inside me and I feel so full, so perfectly complete. He pulls out and it’s like I can feel the emptiness as I watch it happen.

I look up again. Our eyes are both focused on each other. I can’t watch. I’m a visual person and the visual is about to drive me over the edge and I’m not ready. Not yet. I want this to last.

The trick has pulled his own dick out and is jerking himself off. Brian tells him to cut it out and I’m not sure why, but I trust him. Two of Brian's fingers are in my mouth now and I’m sucking his fingers with the same rhythm the tricks sucking my cock and I’m about to come.

I’m about to explode and when I do, I know I’ll fall. I want to warn Brian. To tell him. I want to be on my knees. I can’t hold myself up. My body is on fire and about shatter leaving shards of charcoal and puddles of molten lava all over the beautiful hardwood floors.

I’m gasping around Brian’s fingers and he seems to understand because he’s moving faster inside me but wraps his other arm around my upper body tightly.

“I’ve got you. You’re amazing and I’ve got you. It’s okay. Come for me.”

And I can’t hold back anymore. I start to come and Brian’s hand moves my head so I can see. “Don’t close your eyes.”

I don’t want to, but I think I have to. “Don’t”

It’s a command and I follow. My eyes are open and I watch as my body convulses. His fingers leave my mouth and his arms are wrapped tightly around me. Holding me up. Holding me together as I come down the guy’s throat.

Brian’s rocking into me and his eyes stay open too. I can tell he’s working to keep them open. But he does and we lock eyes as we both come. Him deep inside me. Me into the random hot mouth on my cock.

The guy doesn’t stop. Neither does Brian. I’m moaning… I know it. I can hear it. I can see my chest heaving. I can see the small involuntary spasms of aftershocks as Brian slowly lowers us both down to the floor. I think I’m gonna pass out but I don’t.

Instead Brian’s holding me on his lap and he motions to the trick, who’s still hard.

I understand, and I want this. I want to thank him. I want to suck him. I want to keep feeling Brian inside me. His legs are bent a little and mine are straddling him. The trick is standing over the two of us. Brian pulls my head back for a long kiss and then I’m sucking this guy off.

He earned it. My body is floating. Brian never stops touching me. His hands are everywhere and it’s him I’m sucking. I’m not looking in the mirror now because in my head it’s Brian I’m sucking off. And I think in Brian’s mind it is too because his hands are gentle. His fingers are in my hair as if I were sucking his cock. And he’s caressing me. Still inside me and I feel him getting hard again.

I know we have to speed up. I know we should change condoms. All of this flits through my head and then disappears the moment Brian’s hands are massaging my scalp again.

The guy comes fast. He’s been worked up for a while and I swallow.

He tucks himself back in and says something. I can’t even concentrate. I’ll let Brian tell him to fuck of now. He must do so, because the guy fucks off.

We’re still sitting on the floor. Brian kisses my ear and moves me gently off of him. He ties off the condom and offers a hand to help me off the floor. I stand up and he holds me again in front of the mirror.

“You’re not mad I came by unannounced?”

Yeah, I’m smirking.

He smirks back. “You always come at the perfect time.”

He’s still looking at us in the mirror and he seems contemplative.

I turn around. I’m pushing him backwards towards the bed.

“More?” He arches an eyebrow.

“Unless you want to make it an early evening. I can go home.”

He wraps his arms around me and drags me with him.

I’ll wake up in the morning with that perfect ache that I’ve only known with him. And without the painful ache that I only know when I’m without him.

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  • (no subject)

    I'm reviewing Top Chef Season 11 each week for Phoodie Phoodie the Food Blog check it out, it's…

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