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Blue Ecstasy Chapter Four

So here's the continuation of the cop saga.

As always, dedicated to my wives, _alicesprings, happier_bunny, xie_xie_xie

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Blue Ecstasy
Chapter Four

On Monday Justin woke up at a reasonable hour and tried to get a few things accomplished in his apartment. He found the box with hangers and began putting things into his closet. The dresser was almost full when he was done and he realized that other than the two shirts he’d worn already he hadn’t brought anything that would work for Gary’s party. He sorted through his shirts again considered his options. Eventually he shoved some of the money he’d made dancing into his wallet. He’d remember to keep the receipts. This was a legitimate expense of the job.

He headed out to Liberty Avenue. It couldn’t hurt to be seen, even when he wasn’t working. His first stop was Torso. The mannequin was displaying something trashy and possibly ideal. He scanned the racks and was about to pull something down to try it on when a vaguely familiar voice greeted him.

He turned. “Oh, hi.”

“Justin, what are you doing here baby?”

“Needed something to wear to a party.”

Emmett frowned. “You know, those functions are usually a little more…”

Justin shook his head. “Different kind of work party.”

Emmett smiled. “Oh.” He leaned in conspiratorially. “A work party.”


“Right, top secret, undercover. Got it.”

Justin wasn’t sure he had gotten it but he did lead him to a couple of shirts that would serve his purposes. He paid and left. He was excited about tonight. He was sure he’d find some proof, some clue at The Sap’s and really, that’s what he needed.

He was considering what he might find when he neared the diner. A cup of coffee, and maybe a burger didn’t sound like a bad idea. He walked in and realized it was. He’d forgotten this was the diner. The one where Horvath’s wife worked. She greeted him exuberantly and he wondered if she might blow his cover but then she pointed him towards a booth and greeted the next customer in a similar manner. No one was paying attention.

Justin amended that when he put down his menu and scanned the room. Brian was sitting at the counter, cup of coffee in one hand, newspaper in the other. He wasn’t reading though. He was staring at Justin. Justin shook his head almost imperceptibly. If Brian sat down next to him he was fucked. Brian got the message.

Justin finished lunch, took his new purchases and decided to take the bus back home. Brian walked by him as he was moving towards the bus stop. “Come to my place. You can change there.” Brian didn’t even slow down as he said it.

About a minute later Justin let himself into the back entrance to the building and took the stairs to Brian’s door. It was open. Brian had shed his shirt and shoes. His jeans were unbuttoned at the top and Justin stopped for a moment to appreciate the sight.

“Close the door.”

“You were that sure I’d come?”

Brian smiled. “Did you really want to take an hour’s bus ride just to change your shirt?”

Justin laughed. “No. That’s why I’m here.”

Brian moved closer to him. “No it isn’t”

And Justin had to admit, no, it wasn’t.

“Maybe part of the reason I’m here.”

“And what’s the other part?”

“Well, I’m sure as hell not going to let anyone at The Sap's fuck me, and I’m not really in the mood for The Adonis, and you know, you’re convenient.”


Justin nodded. “Geographically. I was already at the diner, you’re closer than the Gravel Pit.”

Brian laughed. “You’ve been to The Gravel Pit?”

Justin was taking off his shirt and moving towards the bed. “I’m not really concerned with your believing it or not. I’ve been there a couple of times.”

Brian’s hands were on his waist. His neck was bent so that he was looking Justin in the eye. He was clearly amused. “When?”

“When I was up here interviewing, and then when I got the job, I had to find an apartment before I moved, so…”

Brian looked a little less self-satisfied. Justin laughed. “Brian, it would, in general, be helpful if you could remember that I dress like a twink, because I’m undercover, but I am, as I’ve so often reminded you, a police officer. A fully grown adult.”

Brian’s hands moved over Justin’s cock, still encased in black cotton briefs. “Fully grown.”

Justin nodded. His hand moving towards Brian’s fly. “Fully grown. Just like you.”

The fell together onto the bed. Brian’s mouth exploring and sensitizing every inch of flesh in an almost systematic fashion.

Justin closed his eyes and let the sensations wash over him. Brian’s hands were firm and steady as he lifted Justin’s legs and put them on his shoulders. Justin reached up, trying to touch Brian but then just let his hand fall back at his sides.

Brian pushed into him slowly and Justin curled his back until only his shoulders were on the bed. He squeezed his ass around the base of Brian’s cock and smiled, satisfied, as Brian let out a groan.

Brian folded him in half then, kissing him deeply as they rocked together. Justin’s hands finding purchase on Brian’s back. Brian’s hands running through Justin’s hair. When they came together Brian pulled off of Justin and Justin rolled over to kiss Brian again. Brian lifted his arm and Justin laid his head on Brian's shoulder, enjoying the feel of Brian’s arm across his back and resting lightly on his hip.

Justin’s arm was flung across Brian’s torso. Brian lit a cigarette one handedly.

“So you get something disgustingly twink-like at Torso?”

“Yeah. Emmett’s not that subtle is he?”

Brian laughed. “Emmett’s alright.”

“How do you even know him?”

“He’s Michael’s roommate.”


Just his roommate.”

“Does Michael have a boyfriend?”

Brian looked down at Justin. “That’s really none of your business.”

“I’m just wondering. He’s clearly…”

“Clearly what?”

“In love with you.”

Brian sighed. “Maybe. He’ll get over it.”

“How long has he been in love with you?”

“Fourteen years.”

Justin laughed. “You think he’s going to just magically get over it someday? Do you love him?”

“He’ll find someone better for him than I am. I’m not boyfriend material. I love him as a friend. You don’t fuck your friends.”

“So we’re not friends.”

Brian sat up. “We’re partners.”

“You know, in some people’s vocabulary…”

“We’re not people, we’re cops.”

Justin nodded, unsure why Brian had suddenly become so prickly.

Brian’s POV

So one minute I’m wrapped in warm blond, having a post coital cigarette, and the next minute I’m discussing a relationship that’s none of his business and then one I didn’t even know I had. This is why I don’t cuddle, leads to talking.

I stub out my cigarette and grab a beer. I don’t offer him one. He’ll get one for himself if he wants. He does just fine for himself. I look over and he’s pulling his shirt back over his head. It’s a nice one; he really doesn’t dress like a twink when given the option.

I assume he’s leaving but he’s goes to the refrigerator, see, told you he’d just help himself. He sits down next to me. He’s drinking water. I light another cigarette.

“You shouldn’t smoke, it can cause lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, emphysema, bronchitis and bad breath.”

“You shouldn’t go to party’s hosted by drug dealing sleaze balls. And I don’t have bad breath.”

“I have to get into his house, and cigarette breath is not the world’s best aphrodisiac.”

“Get enough on him for us to get a search warrant. I’m more likely to die in a car accident. Should I not drive?”

“I’ll get enough on him tonight to get a warrant, but by then, we’ll also have a lot more information. Someone died last night, Brian.”

“Not from smoking, and it was two people. A girl, 19, she was at a party at CMU, and a guy at Popperz.”

“Shit, I didn’t know about the guy at Popperz.”

“Fags dying in clubs rarely make the news.”

“Yeah. Did Horvath call you?”

“Debbie told me.”


“She knows most of Liberty Avenue. The hustlers, the club rats, the tourists.”



The kid is smart but his common sense lacks something. Right, sense. When you need to know something you don’t ask the professionals. They’ll stonewall you. Waitresses, bus drivers, people in the service industry, they’re the ones who always have the best information, least diluted, and are usually more honest about it. I think about telling him this but decide it’s best to just let him figure it out for himself. He’s not going to learn anything from Gary and Gary’s not going to let him see anything he doesn’t want him to.

“Can I use your shower?”

I nod and light another cigarette.

“Stop brooding, you’re being a stereotype. It’s unbecoming.”

I laugh and put the cigarette out. He’s young and impulsive but his instincts have been pretty accurate, and he might learn something I join him in the shower.


It was almost an hour later when they both emerged from the shower, a little more waterlogged, a little less horny. Brian watched as Justin changed into tight black jeans and a blue shirt made of nothing but nylon mesh. His nipple ring, his nipples, his torso, all clearly visible. Brian bit his bottom lip.

Justin looked up as he was pulling on his shoes. “I’m a cop. Do I have to wear a sign to remind you?”

Brian shook his head. Then nodded. “Maybe. You look…”

“I know, I look young. I’ve always looked young. When I was born, I looked like a zygote, I’m sure.”

“I was going to say you look hot.”

Justin moved towards the door. “You always think I look hot.”

“I do?”

Justin turned around. “Yeah. You do. My clothes, Sap’s costumes, twink outfits. Whatever. I wear it and you slide your hand under it.

Brian pulled away realizing that was exactly what he’d been doing, inching his hand under Justin’s shirt to touch the silver ring that seemed more obvious under the shirt than it was when he was completely naked.

Justin laughed. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got a great ass, and blonde hair, and you’re not the first guy who couldn’t keep his hands off of me.” Justin turned to go.

“How are you getting there?”


“And how are you getting home.”

“Didn’t Horvath issue you a jet pack? I got mine when I got my gun and badge.”

“You don’t have either of them on you do you?”

Justin’s look went from amused to aggravated. “You think I’d take my gun or badge to this place? Do I look like I’m trying to get murdered?”

Brian nodded and Justin laughed.

“I’m not. And no, my gun and badge are safely at home.”


“Now you want me to take them?”

“How are you getting home.”

“Walking.” Justin was aggravated.

“I’ll pick you up, call me.”

“Right, because that wouldn’t fuck with my cover at all.”


“Brian, I’ll call you when I get home.”

“Here. When you get here.”

“Here. I’ll call you when I get here.”

“If you’re here you don’t have to call.”

“Good, saves me the minutes. Don’t wait up.”

“Don’t get killed.”


Justin turned and left.

He took the elevator to the first floor and then went out the back way. It was stupid, but he really was concerned about people seeing him spending any excessive amount of time with Brian. He checked the address for the fifteenth time and headed towards The Sap's house.

It was already dark, sometime after nine. He knocked and Gary escorted him inside. There were a several “boys” there but he only recognized one of them. The others apparently worked different shifts, or didn’t dance anymore. Gary offered him a drink but he declined.

Gary walked him through the living room, a play room that looked fairly innocuous, a lot of leather sofa’s and floor pillows but no slings, no toys, and so far, no drugs or paraphernalia. He brought him back to the bar and then excused himself.

Justin joined the other set decorations currently sharing a joint. He took a small hit and was about to ask them something when several men entered the room. The music started and the lighting changed. Justin wandered around, hands reaching out to touch him. He didn’t back away, nor did he move towards them. He plastered a smile on his face and when there didn’t seem to be anyone at the bar he poured himself tonic water with lime. The bartender came back at that moment and added a shot of gin to the mix. “Stronger is better right?”

Justin smiled a thank you and took his drink to the other side of the room.

The lighting got lower and Justin used the small distraction to slip behind one of the doors Gary had specifically categorized as off limits. A long flight of steps led him to a basement. Wine, a lot of fucking wine. Racks of it. He moved around looking for something more condemning than… Justin picked up a bottle and shook his head, really lousy taste in pretentious Bordeaux. Justin put the bottle back and heard a voice calling down. He stayed quiet and then heard the door close. He continued to look around but found nothing. A small door off to the side revealed an actual storage room, but everything was dusty, a cobweb across the doorframe. No one had been in here in a while.

He walked back upstairs and opened the door cautiously, slipping back into the hallway. “I thought I told you to stay out of there.”

“Um, sorry, I was looking for the bathroom.”

The Sap grimaced and pointed Justin in the right direction.

Justin took a minute to get his breathing calmed a little. He had left his drink on the table in the other room when he’d gone downstairs. There was no way he’d drink it now. He let himself out and headed back towards the bar. The bartender made him another gin and tonic, liberal with the gin. Justin nodded a thank you and went back to mingling.

The drugs were visible now. Lines laid out on mirrors and trays. A large hookah pipe in the corner where several men were congregated. One of the boys was being mauled by one of the guests but he didn’t seem to mind. Justin smiled at Gary as he offered him a joint. Justin took a hit and Gary scowled. “You could take your shirt off. You’re not here as a guest.”

Justin nodded and when his shirt was thrown in a corner Gary offered him the joint again. Justin shook his head. Gary held it up to him, “loosen up.” It was a direct command from a superior, Horvath gave orders the same way, hell, so did Brian. He took a longer toke and exhaled as quickly as felt safe. Then he wandered away to find a non-disgusting party member to play nice.

A couple of guys reached for him, one wasn’t so bad. Older than Justin usually went for, but then so were most of the guys here. He leaned into him and the weed helped. He felt relaxed. He breathed deeply and the man kissed him. He let him, kissing him back, not with a lot of passion but he didn’t bite his lip hard and knee him in the balls, so really, Justin thought to himself, I’m being very friendly.

The man’s hands wandered and Justin closed his eyes and let images of anything other than this take over for a few minutes. “Derrick.” The man whispered in his ear. “Justin.”

Derrick smiled and his hand was palming Justin's cock through his jeans. “Want to take this somewhere more private?”

Justin nodded. He wanted access to the rooms from which Gary had banned the boys. This seemed the only way to get there. He was confident he could stop this before it went too far if he had to.

Derrick took his hand and opened the sliding door off the hallway. They were standing in a small vestibule three doorways all open and visible. One room was occupied. One of the boys Justin hadn’t recognized was in a sling. From the sounds he was making, he was having a good time. So were the several men surrounding him. The next room looked interesting and Justin moved towards it. Derrick shook his head. “It’s just a supply closet.”

Justin craned his neck; he leaned over a little further and stumbled. Derrick caught him. “You okay?”

Justin laughed. “Little too much to drink.”

Derrick smiled and tried to pull Justin in to the room directly behind them. Several couples were already there. It looked like a cushier version of the back room. Justin still wanted to go see the “supply closet.”

He moved towards it again and when Derrick’s arm was no longer around his waist he felt like he might fall. The world was spinning and Justin dimly realized that something was not quite right. Derrick’s hands were in his belt loops again. Justin allowed himself to be led into the other room where Derrick pushed him back into a pile of pillows and quickly shucked him of his jeans. “Just relax.”

Justin nodded and felt Derrick’s mouth on his cock. He leaned his head back and moaned, his own hand moving to his nipples. He came quickly, riding a wave of pleasure that was from more than just a mediocre blowjob.

Justin’s eyes opened when he felt someone’s hands on his ass. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. He didn’t know how long he’d been out but for clearly longer than he’d intended. He looked around for Derrick but the man was gone. This guy, older, gray hair, and a crooked yellow tooth was not what Justin was looking for. He pushed the man’s hands off of his ass and stood up. His head swam but he was able to remain upright. He smiled.

“Sorry, I need a drink.” He walked out of the room. He heard the guy curse and hoped it wasn’t going to become an issue. He was having trouble focusing but made it into the supply closet. There was a felonious possession level of drugs there. Justin wasn’t surprised but he wasn’t thrilled either, he needed to know what was killing people. It wasn’t the drugs themselves. He looked around, categorizing everything and hoping he could remember it later.

He heard Gary’s voice behind him. “Taylor.”

Justin plastered a wasted smile on his face and turned around throwing his arms around Gary. “There you are… I got lost.”

Gary seemed to buy it. “C’mon let’s get you a drink.”

Justin followed him and when he approached the bar the bartender poured him a gin and tonic. Justin tried to watch and see if he put anything else in it but he couldn’t tell, most of the preparation was done with the bartender’s back to him.

He took the drink and knew he shouldn’t drink it but he was really thirsty. He drank a small sip and chewed on an ice cube crunching loudly. Gary led him to the playroom, which now looked significantly less innocuous. There were toys and groups of men in varying degrees of undress. Justin noticed he was naked. He gave Gary a crooked smile. “I lost my pants.”

Gary laughed. “You don’t need them.”

Justin moved towards the sliding door to retrieve them. Gary wrapped an arm around his waist. “Keep these men company, I’ll get your pants.”

Justin nodded and sat down. Two men moved to stroke and lick him and he laid his head back and allowed them to do so. One of them was tonguing his nipple ring and the other’s mouth was wrapped around his cock. He moaned and then felt both tongues on him. He spread his legs a little and closed his eyes.

When they were done they moved away. Justin kept his eyes closed for a moment. He needed water. His mouth felt dry, his skin felt hot. He stood up on shaky legs and took a quick look around. He found his shirt and pulled it on. Gary smiled at him. Justin smiled back. “Find my jeans?”

Gary held them out.

“Thanks, I really have to go.”

Gary looked at his watch. “It’s early.”

“It’s after three and I have to study a little tomorrow, and then I’m working.”

Gary nodded and Justin checked his pocket for his wallet keys and cell phone. “See you tomorrow.”

Justin gave him a brief nod and headed towards the front door. He’d wanted to get some pictures of the supply closet but he hadn’t gotten the opportunity. Still, he had enough to get a warrant.

The air was cool. He walked for several blocks but his head still felt fuzzy. He continued to move and almost a half hour later realized he’d just made a large circle. He was lost. He called Brian.


Brian knew Justin was at the party. Brian knew it was a bad idea to let him go. And then he laughed at himself. Let him. He wondered if Justin had ever asked permission for anything in his life. He doubted it.

He tried to distract himself. He went to Babylon, keeping his phone on so that he’d be available if Justin called. Brian kept his eyes open for anything out of the ordinary while Gary wasn’t there. Nothing struck him. There were men getting high, and yeah, you could buy some shit from the bartenders but several of the usual dealers were working their areas of Liberty Avenue. Brian had talked to them last week, and earlier this week, their business wasn’t dropping off due to any new players in town and they swore to him they didn’t know anything about the new shit that was killing people. Brian wasn’t sure he believed them but they had no real reason to lie. Dead customers were rarely repeat customers.

He headed home after a boring blowjob and a few more minutes dancing with Michael. It was only one am. He didn’t expect Justin for a couple of hours. He knew he should sleep. He tried. It didn’t work. They should have given him a camera or a microphone. The idea that there was absolutely no place to hide it on Justin’s body for this particular detail just made Brian a little more concerned. No gun, no badge, no camera, and an allergy to some medications. He moved to his computer. There were reports to write, facts to compile. The Medical Examiner for the Squirrel Hill area had emailed him the preliminary findings. He looked at them blankly unable to concentrate.

His phone buzzed against the table. He picked it up quickly and sighed. “Fuck. Off.”

He had to remember to block his number before calling random tricks for a second go. Eventually he just lit a cigarette and told himself that he was not staring at the phone or the door. The phone was on his chest, and he could see both at the same time but that was merely coincidence. He’d fall asleep soon.

Brian was drilling a hole through the door with his eyes when the sound of the phone startled him. He picked it up. “Where are you?”

“I don’t know.”

Brian felt an ice cube run down his spine. He didn’t remember pouring himself a drink or spilling it down his back, but he must have.


“I’m… I think I’m lost.”

“Where are you?”

“If I knew that, I wouldn’t be lost.”

“Are you outside?”

“Yeah. It’s cold.”

“Justin. Focus. Street signs? Anywhere?”

“I can’t be seen with you.”

“You’re lost. No one can see you when you’re lost.”

“Oh, right. Wait. I think…”

Brian tried not to worry about the fact that Justin had bought that last line. He wondered how drugged Justin was. “I’m near…um… Linton Street. Oh, there’s Centre Ave. It’s right there.

“Justin, don’t move.”

“Brian I’m fine now.” Brian heard Justin’s breathing become more rapid and then the sound of traffic. “I just need to…”

“Justin, don’t move. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

“Can you bring a jacket? I’m cold.”

Brian pushed his feet into a pair of shoes and grabbed two jackets from the hooks by the door. “Don’t move.”

“Okay I won’t. It’s just that I… SHIT!”


“Nothing. These cars are moving pretty fast.”

Brian sighed. “Justin are you on the street?”


“Then sit down.”

“Okay. This sucks.”

Brian started his car. “Yes it does. Can you see a street sign now?”

“Yeah. I think I can.”

Brian waited.

“What’s it say?”

“Oh. Centre Ave. They spell it like they’re British.”

“Yes, they do. Is there another sign?”

“Yeah, it says Heldman.”

Brian held the phone between his ear and shoulder as he shifted the jeep into fifth gear and headed towards Justin.

Justin’s teeth were audibly chattering over the phone. He found him sitting on the side of the road frowning. Brian pulled the jeep into the shoulder and handed Justin a jacket. He pulled it on, his hands disappearing in the length of the sleeves. Brian tried to help him into the car but he resisted.

“Stop it, I’m not an invalid.”

Brian didn’t say anything. He got back in the jeep and slid the sleeves up, rubbing Justin’s hands between his own. Justin pulled them away.

“Just turn the heat up.”

Brian did. He pulled Justin forward into a hug and almost flinched when Justin’s cold lips touched his ear. He pulled back and kissed him. Warming the almost blue lips. Sucking and nibbling to get the blood flowing back to them. Justin pulled away.

“Brian, stop it. Just take me home.”

Brian nodded turned his focus forward and merged back into traffic.



“Nothing, just… Sap’s definitely trafficking.”

“And you had to taste it to make sure it wasn’t baby powder?”

“I think the bartender slipped me something.”

“Feeling better?”

Justin nodded. “A little. Mostly just feel like sleeping for about a year.”

Brian nodded and Justin took note of his surroundings. “Stop.”

“You gonna puke?”

“No. I said take me home.”


“I’m not sure you noticed, but I didn’t phrase that in the form of a question.”

“You don’t know what you took. You don’t know if what you took is the same shit that’s killing people. I can’t sleep on your bed; it’s covered in books. You’re going to have to sleep at my place.”

Justin ran a hand through his hair. “Fine but…”

Brian shook his head. “We’ll do that whole buddy cop bonding banter thing in the morning. Let’s just get you back to the loft.”

Justin held his hands in front of the heater. “Actually that sounds good. I think we’ve got enough for a warrant.”



“I thought we just agreed we’d do this in the morning.”

“Oh yeah.”

Brian parked in the back and Justin leaned on him heavily as they took the elevator. He opened the door and Justin moved towards the bed. Brian grabbed a couple of bottles of water and sat next to him. Justin hadn’t taken off Brian’s jacket. He curled up under it.

“Why don’t we take a shower, it’ll warm you up.”

“Yeah, I could use a shower.”

Brian decided not to consider any sinister meaning behind the words. He pulled his jacket off of Justin and Justin reached his hand over his head, pulling on the collar of his shirt until it slid off his body. He stood up and dropped his jeans.

“Could have sworn you were wearing underwear when you left.”

“Must have lost them.”


Justin shook his head. His eyes closed. “Nothing more, actually, a lot less than I’ve done before. Don’t get worked up.”


Justin turned his back to Brian and walked towards the shower. Brian was behind him in moments. His hands wrapped around Justin’s waist. “You were careful right?”

“I’m not some stupid teenager. I let a couple of guys blow me. I need to get in tighter with Gary and whatever operation he’s got going on.”

Brian was massaging shampoo into Justin’s scalp. “What did you find?”

“He’s got a room with seriously visible drugs. If he’s not the supplier of “clock” then he’s a heavy investor. He may even be the guy with the stamp. I’m not sure. But there are also your standard bags of powder, couple of kilos. If he’s not cutting it lethally he’s selling it to the guy who is. I’d bet on it.” Justin finished and then added. “Mmm, that feels good” as Brian smoothed conditioner into Justin’s soft locks.

“I’m not sure.”

“I am, it feels good.”

“Not about that, twat. About Gary. He has the drugs, and I have no question he’s selling them. But manufacturing E? Babylon brings in thousands a night…”

“Greed is an insatiable thing.”

“Maybe. But why cut it lethally?”

“Maybe he doesn’t know he is. Maybe he didn’t.”

Justin turned around in Brian's arms and kissed him. Then moved behind him and soaped his back. “He seems to know what he’s doing. None of this is making a lot of sense.”

Brian tried to focus but Justin’s hands were sliding between his crack. “You think it’s going to start making sense just because you keep dancing for him?”

“I think I have a better shot than if I’m just another face in the crowd.”


“Brian, you have to trust me.”

Brian felt the water sluice down his back. Justin’s mouth was following the trail until he was on his knees, his hands on Brian’s hips. His tongue sliding between Brian’s cheeks. Brian decided to trust him, at least 'til they were out of the shower.

He leaned forward a little. His hands bracing himself against the glass wall. The water sliding over him. Justin's hands moving to part his cheeks. His tongue pressing against his hole, opening him up until he stabbed it home and then used a finger to reach further. Brian’s hand moved lower to his own cock and he rocked back onto Justin’s tongue and then into his own fist. Justin continued to lick and play with the soft flesh of his asshole. Nipping lightly and then soothing with a flat swipe of his rough and hot wet pink tongue.

When Justin stopped Brian groaned and started to move his hand faster but Justin wrapped his own hand around Brian’s wrist and then pulled a little until Brian’s back was against the glass wall and Justin’s mouth was on Brian’s cock, swallowing him fully. He felt Justin humming around him and taking him into his throat, moving back, his lips sliding over his wet, slick shaft. Feeling so much better than a hand. His tongue sliding around the head and then over the slit before he moved forward and deep throated Brian again. He swallowed and sucked in his cheeks, creating a strong vacuum. His lips a hard hot pressure on the base of his cock. Brian exploded. Justin moved his head back as Brian came and when he stood up, he fed the results to Brian in a scorching kiss.

Justin pulled back and giggled. Actually giggled and Brian realized that Justin may be more altered than he had originally assumed.

“Christ what did The Sap give you?”

Justin was rinsing his body and stroking his own cock. “I told you, I don’t know. Why, was I that bad?”

Brian pulled Justin out of the shower and grabbed a towel, drying Justin’s hair and body and then his own. Justin moved towards the bed and pulled the duvet over him.

“Still cold?”

Justin nodded. “A little. And tired. I don’t know what that shit was but it’s making me feel loopy.”

Brian moved closer to him under the blanket. He heard Justin’s teeth still chattering. His face was flushed red and his skin was now dry and warm. He reached a hand to stroke Justin’s hair away from his forehead. That was warm too. He couldn’t tell if his scalp was sweaty or just still damp from the shower. He motioned towards the water bottle. “Drink that.”

“I’m not thirsty.”

“Justin, your heart’s beating faster than usual and you’re hot to the touch. Drink it.”

“Your dick is pressed against my ass. Water won’t fix what’s making me hot.”

Brian sighed and rolled Justin onto his back, leaning over him. “Drink the water and I’ll think about fucking you.”

“Fuck me and I’ll think about drinking the water.” Justin wrapped his legs around Brian's waist and pressed their cocks together. “C’mon.”

Brian reached behind him and uncrossed Justin’s ankles. “Water first.”

“Christ. And you say I’m demanding.” Justin slid up from under Brian’s body and sat back against the headboard. He opened the water and drank half of it in a single swallow. He put the lid back on and thunked it down on the nightstand. “Now. Fuck me.” Justin wriggled back under Brian and rolled over. “Hard.”

Brian laughed. “You’re drinking the rest of the water when we’re done.”

Justin pushed his ass up against Brian’s cock and there really wasn’t anything left to say. When they’d both come, again, and Justin had finished the rest of the water they slept. Brian left an arm slung over Justin’s hip and one under his neck. He assured himself this was merely to make sure he was aware if Justin got overheated or went into convulsions.

He gritted his teeth as Justin moved closer to him, his ass pressing against Brian’s groin.

Brian didn’t lift his head but he knew, if he looked, he’d see a very satisfied grin on a very satisfied blond.

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    I'm reviewing Top Chef Season 11 each week for Phoodie Phoodie the Food Blog check it out, it's…

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  • (no subject)

    I'm reviewing Top Chef Season 11 each week for Phoodie Phoodie the Food Blog check it out, it's…

  • I did a new thing. It's scary, hold my hand, please. has a red sauced stepchild called My brother does a bunch of stuff on there and when I ran across Supermarket Superstar,…

  • Life goes on

    Turns out I was epically tired because I stopped sleeping 37 x an hour. So now i sleep like Darth Vadar and am tired because I adopted This little…