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Blue Ecstasy Chapter Six

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Blue Ecstasy

Chapter Six

Four days later Justin had learned little else. Brian was equally frustrated but not for the same reasons. Not entirely for the same reasons. They’d gotten no further on the case, and two more people had died, but he and Justin both thought it was due to drugs that were still out there. The number of deaths had decreased. He was frustrated because he knew no more about what was bothering Justin than he had before.

After he’d spent the night at Justin's apartment he’d seemed to pull back a little. That night, he’d checked in with Brian, wearing the red shirt that ensured very little information passed between them, and quite a bit of heat did. He’d literally come and gone. The next day he’d called on his way home, assuring Brian that he was fine and simply tired. They hadn’t seen each other at all. Brian had stayed away from Babylon, unable to stop watching Justin when he was there, and knowing it was dangerous, for a lot of reasons.

He hadn’t heard from Justin at all yesterday and so this morning he’d gone to check on him. That had resulted in a diatribe from Justin about trust. And after Brian’s heart had slowed and his initial panic based on all the reasons he’d concocted that Justin had not contacted him abated, he went off on Justin about partnership and the meaning of working together and… Brian lit a cigarette and debated going to Babylon tonight.

He was concerned about a lot of things, but mostly, he wasn’t sure why he was so fucking concerned about Justin. For that reason alone he decided to stay in, well, his definition of staying in. He went to Woody’s picked up a hot guy and brought him home. He was about to wake the sleeping trick and kick him out when Justin came through the door.

“It’s not locked. I thought you were the one with the lock issues.”

The trick sat up and Brian turned his attention to Justin. “It’s not even three, what are you doing here?”

“I didn’t stop to socialize.”

Brian wanted to ask what the hurry was but first he needed to get the groggy trick out. Justin handled it for him. “Fuck off.”

The trick looked at Brian questioningly. “Fuck off.”

The trick stood up, grabbed his pants and left.

“If that guy recognizes me…”

“He’s from out of town.”

“You don’t know that.”

Brian shrugged, and lit another cigarette. “He said he was.”

“And random strangers are so often honest.”

“He’s probably married with kids.”

“Whatever, I’ll call first from now on. We can’t risk it.”

“I’ll have them out of here by two.”

“I wouldn’t ask that of you.”

“I’m offering.”

“Okay then.”

“Did you find something out?”

“I may have.”

Brian sat down, his feet resting casually on the coffee table. His eyes trying to focus on Justin’s face, but he was wearing a very tight white shirt with silver lettering and Brian was mesmerized by the contrast between the dark blue of Justin’s jeans, the pale smooth texture of the skin above his waistband and the white of the hem of his shirt. Justin sighed and took off his shirt. He straddled Brian’s lap and pushed his chest against Brian’s mouth. “Will you be able to listen to me better if you don’t have to mentally undress me?”

Brian laughed against Justin’s chest then he took the nipple ring between his teeth and tugged. Justin let out a low groan and Brian released his hold on it. “Yes, let’s pretend it’s all me.”

“It is.”

Brian’s hand lay flat against Justin’s belly and moved lower, under his pants, his fingers brushing lightly against the wet head of Justin’s hard cock. He raised an eyebrow. “Just me?”

Justin sighed again. “You should have seen this guy, he wouldn’t leave me alone.”

Brian pulled his hand back. “Wouldn’t leave you alone?” his expression darkened.

Justin laughed. “Not like that, he just wanted to take my dance routine someplace private. He was fucking hot.”

“Why didn’t you go?”

“I still think The Sap is trying to figure out who turned him in…”

“You think The Sap hired him to seduce you?”

“Not sure.”

“You know…”

“I know… no one has to be hired to seduce me. He may very well have been a harmless guy with a thing for blond boy ass, doesn’t matter, not risking it there.”

Brian’s hand was back inside Justin’s jeans. “What about here.”

“Here’s good. Here’s not a risk…” Justin bit his lip and Brian wanted to crawl inside Justin’s head. What the fuck was he thinking about…what the fuck did he think was so risky?

“You think I’m a risk?”

“I think we’re a risk. I think you’re too involved.”

“With the case?”

“With me.”

“We’re not involved.”

“Then what the fuck was that little queen out at my apartment when I didn’t call?”

“You call. That’s the rule.”


Brian popped a button on Justin’s jeans and then another. He wrapped his hand around Justin’s cock, stroking lightly. “That’s the rule. Horvath set the guidelines. Not me.”

“Okay but…”

“No buts. You call.”

“I was just going to ask that you not bring up Horvath's name while you’re jerking me off.”

Brian laughed. He pulled Justin’s head forward and kissed him.

Justin stood up, his mouth never really losing contact with Brian's. He shed his pants and was pulling at Brian’s. As soon as the condom was on Justin was back on his lap, lowering himself onto Brian. Brian's arms were around Justin’s back. His chin against Justin’s shoulder. “So what’d you find out?”

Justin let his head fall back, his eyes closed. “We’ll talk about it when we’re done.”

Brian planted his feet on the floor and bucked into Justin who ground down on him, making small circles and biting his own lip. Brian’s hand was stroking Justin’s cock again, moving to cradle his balls and press on his prostate from the outside while the head of his cock probed it from the inside. Justin almost fell off of the sofa with the force of his orgasm. He clamped hard onto Brian’s cock, almost painfully so. Brian came, wanting to bite Justin’s shoulder, knowing he couldn’t leave a mark. He sucked on it instead, nibbling softly, and hoped that this whole Babylon gig was over for Justin soon.

Justin pulled off of him and sat next to him, his legs propped up on the coffee table next to Brian’s. He sighed. “I needed that.”

“Glad I could oblige. So this guy…”

“The guy was nothing, but the bartenders are still dealing.”

Brian nodded. “It would look to suspicious if they stopped suddenly. Hanover and Montgomery are keeping an eye on it.”

“They’re idiots.”

“They were assigned to work with The Sap.”

“They’re going to fuck up our case.”

“We don’t have a case. They have no proof that The Sap's stash was deadly. And your memory of that night was so reliable.” Brian exhaled a long stream of smoke and Justin coughed dramatically. Brian glared at him. “You rushed over here with news.”

“I was talking to Morrison.”

“That’s not news.”

“You have to let me finish.”

Brian took another long inhale and waited.

“He was starting to hint around at ways of making extra money without pedaling my ass.”

“You think the dancers are dealing?”

“No, I think Morrison is dealing. I think he’s doing it without the express consent or knowledge of The Sap.”

“How is this news?”

“If there’s other drugs, not coming from Gary… the lab hasn’t been able to find anything potentially lethal from the bust at Gary's house. It’s possible that he wasn’t the last person to step on it, or not the person dealing the lethal shit at all.”

“Everyone dead had clock on him.”

“Name another brand of E out there at the moment.”

Brian thought.

Justin nodded. “Exactly” if they have E, they have clock. Gary had the stamp. But just because they had E doesn’t mean that’s ALL they had.”

“You’re running off in five different directions at once.”

“You have to admit it makes sense.”

“I don’t have to admit anything. They didn’t find anything else on the victims. No other pills, the crystal and weed that some of them had was clean.”

“So it’s something else.”

“Something else… like what?”

“I don’t know. Maybe Morrison knows.”

“Morrison is a kid, he doesn’t know shit.”

“He’s my age.”

Brian arched an eyebrow and the look on Justin’s face made him rethink saying anything further.

Justin nodded and pulled his jeans on. He had his shirt in his hand and was shoving his feet into his shoes. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Where are you going?"

Justin turned around. He looked frustrated. “Home. Do we have to have this conversation every night?”

Brian shrugged. “You’re more geographically convenient when you’re naked and in my bed.”

Justin shook his head. “Not tonight, or tomorrow morning, or this morning, or…whatever. Christ, how do people work the night shift on a regular basis?”

Brian laughed. “Just come to bed.”

“I’m going home.”

Brian nodded. “Tomorrow.”

“See you then.”


Justin walked down to the bus stop and cursed. It’s was only four. The buses wouldn’t start running for another hour. He decided a run would tire him out, maybe so much that the nightmares would wake him. He’d been fine for months but working at Babylon, dealing with Brian, The Sap's party, all of it was apparently too much. He hadn’t been sleeping well; it’s why he refused to sleep at Brian’s, well, one of the reasons. He was usually able to calm himself down, get himself back to sleep but waking up, sweaty and shaking, and having Brian watch him do it, was not conducive to a sense of calm.

He was less than halfway home when he caught a shadow in his peripheral vision. He crossed with the light heard the steps behind him. He stopped to tie his shoe and catch sight of, what he was sure, was another jogger out for an insanely early morning run. It wasn’t a jogger. It was the guy from Babylon, the one who’d wanted some alone time.

He smiled and stood up. The man approached him. “You always seem to be in a hurry.”

Justin nodded and began running but not towards his home. He didn’t want this guy to know where he lived. Justin knew it was irrational; the man had probably stopped and had a few drinks, and was now on his own way home. He was still wearing the same clothes.

The man was walking fast. Justin increased his pace but the guy continued to follow. Finally Justin was frustrated and pissed off and now he was almost back in front of Brian’s building, and nowhere closer to home, and sleep. He turned around. “Fuck off.”

The man laughed. “I’m just…”

“Following me?”

“Maybe a little. I wanted to buy you a cup of coffee.”

“It’s four thirty in the morning and I just got off work. I’m not in the mood for coffee.”



“You seemed friendly at Babylon.”

“That’s my job.”

“And now it’s not.”



Justin was breathing hard from the run. He felt the cool air against his sweaty skin and shivered. He ran a hand through is hair. His scalp was damp. “What do you not understand about fuck off?”

The man shrugged and Justin turned and continued his jog. He was not going to enter Brian’s building, he ran past it and decided he’d stop at the diner. Public space, fluorescent lights, all conducive to making creepy stalkers go away.

He opened the door and his nerves jangled with the bells above the door. He sat at the counter and it wasn’t until Debbie had greeted him warmly and poured him a glass of juice that he noticed Brian at the end of the counter reading a paper.

Annoying man, as Justin had dubbed him during his run sat next to him. “So can I buy you breakfast now?”

Justin shook his head. “I already said no. Three times I think, and fuck off. You’re really not very smart are you?”

Justin could feel Brian’s eyes taking in the scene and he wanted to scream at both men. Instead he drank more juice. Debbie brought him eggs and toast. “You been sleeping at all honey? You look tired. You’re sweaty. Are you getting sick?”

Justin swatted her hands away. “I’m fine Deb.”

The man leaned over towards Debbie. “Go ahead and leave his check with me.”

Justin shook his head.

“This guy bothering you?” Debbie asked, and Justin knew that Brian was waiting, probably impatiently, for an answer.

“No, we met at Babylon, now he wants to buy me breakfast. He doesn’t seem to understand that I’m perfectly capable of buying my own breakfast.”

Debbie pinched his cheek. “It’s on the house.”

Justin gritted his teeth and he heard Brian make a noise that sounded suspiciously like a laugh. He shook his head and ate a strip of bacon. “Thanks Deb.”

Justin finished his breakfast and swallowed the last of his juice. “I’m leaving, don’t follow me.” He was saying it to Annoying Man but hoped Brian knew it was aimed at him as well. He was heading towards home. His phone rang. Brian. “Meet me at the loft.”

“I’ve got to…”

“Justin, you’ve got a forty minute bus ride. If you want to sleep I won’t say a word.”

“I’ll see you there.”

Justin moved around the back of the building, watching for anyone who might see him. He slipped inside and took the stairs to Brian’s door. Brian was there before him. “Go to bed.”

Justin sighed. “Brian…”

“I’m not ordering you around. I’m telling you that Deb will have my ass, so will Horvath if word gets back to him that you’re not sleeping. And when you wake up, you can talk to me about stalker boy.”

“You mean Annoying Man? He’s a lot like you, can’t take no for an answer.”

Justin saw Brian’s face change; his look became almost blank. “Trust me, I can take no for an answer.”

Justin shook his head. “I didn’t mean…”

“I know what you meant. Do what you want.” Brian gestured towards the door, and then headed towards bed. Justin realized that Brian worked nights too now, and had probably gotten as little sleep as he had. He felt guilty. He pushed the feeling back. Stupid, worthless feeling. He moved to the bed and shed his clothes.

Brian was already in bed, he pulled he duvet back and Justin slid between the sheets. Brian’s arm draped comfortably over his shoulder. His hand stroking lightly along Justin’s forearm. Justin slept.


Brian sensed the moment Justin fell asleep. His breathing more even, his body more relaxed and he allowed himself to worry. He’d been trying to avoid doing it for a while but now, lying here in bed, Justin’s warm body pressed against his he realized he might be in over his head.

Justin was confident, most of the time, but the momentary glimpses of vulnerability, the ones he knew Justin was working at hiding, had him concerned. He decided not to think about it. He decided not to think about how clearly he recognized those moments mirroring his own. Eventually he fell asleep.

When he woke up the seductive smell of coffee met him almost before full awareness. He looked at the clock, almost three. He wondered how long Justin had been up. Apparently long enough to make coffee.

He was heading to the kitchen to pour himself a cup, scanning the loft for Justin. The bathroom door was open, the bathroom was empty. Towel hanging neatly and, Brian noticed as he brushed a hand over it, still damp. Justin wasn’t on the sofa, or at the table. Gone. Brian poured himself a mug and resisted the urge to call him. He was a grown man. He’d gone home. No reason for alarm.

His phone rang.


“Hey, they’re playing Roadhouse at the midnight movie.”

“Can’t. I’m working.”

“You can miss a little sleep for…”

“Working nights for a few weeks, sorry Michael.” He could almost hear Michael’s puppy dog eyes blinking at him over the phone. He sighed, “I’ll meet you there at quarter 'til.”


Brian hung up and tried to figure out what the hell he was doing. He moved towards the dining room table and pulled the file from his bag, trying to make the information they had so far make sense.

He was going over the results from the lab again when the loft door startled him. Justin smiled and held up a bag. “Bagels.”

“Thought you went home.”

Justin shook his head. “We’ve got work to do.”

“No shit. This makes no sense.”

Justin sat down next to Brian, pushing the bag towards him and taking a large bite out of his own bagel. He slid the file out from under Brian’s fingers. “Eat. I think I have an idea.”

Brian nodded and watched as Justin’s brow furrowed while he studied the reports. He was flipping through the pages when his entire body stilled. He was mid chew, but he stopped. He swallowed hard and glared. Brian looked at him and then down at the paper he was reading. He stood up.

“What the fuck is this?”


“Don’t bullshit me. Why do you have this?”

“Building a team.”




“Don’t flatter yourself.”

“Then why do you have Billy’s personnel file? How’d you even get it?”

Brian smirked, “I have my ways.”

“What’d you do, hack into the system? You have a friend you schmooze into getting it for you?”

Brian shrugged. “Doesn’t matter. He can’t help us.”

Justin pushed the file away from him. “No. He can’t.”

“So what’s up with the two of you?”


Brian watched Justin’s attention turn fully towards his bagel. He took another large bite and Brian knew he wasn’t hungry. He was avoiding answering the question. “He a closet case?”

“Don’t think so.” Justin still didn’t quite meet Brian’s eye when he replied.

“So he’s….”

“A guy I worked with. Now he’s here, so am I. Doesn’t mean we have to be friends.”

“Wasn’t thinking of inviting him to a dinner party.”

Justin was about to say something when his phone rang.


Justin’s POV

This is getting out of hand. He’s checking on my ex-coworkers? What the fuck? I’m about to call him on it when my phone rings. It’s Morrison. He wants to meet, hang out; he has something he wants to tell me. I agree. Truthfully, getting the fuck out of this loft seems a good idea right now.

I start to leave and Brian looks upset. Fuck. He’s overbearing, he’s controlling, but I’m not sure he can help it. I move towards him. He’s wearing sweatpants, no shirt. I put my hand on his chest. “You have to stop worrying about me.”

He nods. He’s sucking on his lower lip. I want to do that. I lean in and lick along his upper lip. He exhales into my mouth and I smile. “I’m a big boy. I can take care of myself.”

His mouth is on mine. He’s nodding, I think. I’m going to keep thinking that. I don’t want to think about him disagreeing with that statement. I’m backing him towards the chaise lounge. He’s not resisting. “I have to meet with Morrison in a little bit.

He looks up. He has questions. I pull on the drawstring and his pants fall to the floor. He steps out of them and his cock is hard, perfect, standing at attention and leaking against his stomach. I want to taste that. I push him a little bit further, he falls back against the chair and I straddle him, moving down 'til I’m hovering over his shins and my mouth is circling the head of his cock. I lick lightly and he moans. I look up and he’s perfect. His arms over his head, his eyes closed, his face, the lines and planes, so beautiful. I take him into the back of my throat and his hand moves down to my hair.

His hand is on my shoulder, and he’s moving his body, trying to dislodge me. I look up and he’s watching me. “I want to be inside you.”

I almost come when he says that. His voice is thick, deep, and his tone is commanding but there’s a hesitance there. I move quickly, he hands me a condom, I roll it on him and lower myself onto him. His hands span my waist and then I’m riding him. He’s watching me again, his eyes don’t close. I can tell it’s an effort for him to keep them open but he does. His fingers are spanning my thighs, pushing my legs apart further, while I move. I tighten around him and he groans, biting his lip again. What is it with this guy? It’s like if I find out he’s enjoying himself I win. He’s way too competitive.

So am I. I’m determined to win. I twist my body and move my mouth to one of his nipples, biting and pulling while I’m riding his cock. His hand is in my hair again. I’d think that was just him too but I know it’s not. Every guy I fuck wants to run his fingers through my hair. Lord save me from gay men with Meg Ryan fetishes.

He’s close. His breathing is faster. his body is sweaty. I move to his other nipple and he groans. I smile but hide it by biting it again. He’s calling my name now. “Justin” in that deep tone that cracks a little when I squeeze his cock inside me. I’m rocking on him now. I’m sucking his tongue into my mouth. He’s nibbling my lower lip, his tongue playing between my lip and teeth, his breath hot and ragged.

His arms are around me and he sits up, holding me to him and moving inside me. I’m about to come, and he knows it. His head is in the crook of my neck, I’m bouncing on his lap, my toes against the hardwood floor, he grunts and comes. So do I. My body tenses and I feel my orgasm build. Before I can even move my hand to my cock to speed it along I come, hard. He’s lying back now, looking for a cigarette. I can feel him softening inside me and I’m not quite ready to let him go yet. A few minutes later I do. Both of us wet and sticky.

I shower. He doesn’t join me. When I’m dressed again he smirks. “Soon you’ll be keeping clothes here.”

I flip him off. No, I won’t. I pull on my khakis and shirt. I’m trying to find my other shoe. He hands it to me. I nod. He wants to know where I’m going. I guess, since it’s part of the case, I can’t be too mad. I am anyway.

“Morrison called, he wants to meet with me.”

“For what?”

“I’ll find out when I meet him.”


“Some pizza place near Babylon. Vinny’s I think.”

“That place is a front.”



“Say dangerous, see what happens.”

“I was going to say it was a health hazard.”

“No you weren’t but I’ll let it go.”

“I’m going in. I’ve got to check some reports and talk to Horvath.”

“Good. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He glares and I want to scream, but somehow, my job as a cop, got me a gig as a go-go boy, and a partner who doubles as a babysitter. I take a deep breath. “Tonight, after I get off work.”

He nods and I leave and I’m not sure I believe his reasons for going in, but I’m not sure I have the time or energy to think about it.


Brian showered once Justin left and then called Horvath to tell him to hang around. He wouldn’t be there 'til after five. Horvath told him to just come to Debbie's for dinner; they’d talk there. Brian had no way to get out of it so he agreed but he had really wanted to check into Morrison a little further, and this Billy guy, and… he lit another cigarette and headed towards his jeep. Vinny’s, the place was notorious for selling a lot more than pizza and cheese steaks. He smiled and wondered if the new little rookie would be the one to take that place down. Other cops had tried. And failed.

He got to Debbie’s somewhere after five. Debbie greeted him warmly. Michael was there too and Brian was a little aggravated. He really needed to get some information from Carl and it wasn’t anything he wanted to discuss in front of Michael. He’d find out later. They ate, and ate, and when he was sure there was no food left, Debbie brought out dessert and Brian tried to politely decline. Experience told him it was a useless endeavor. He tried anyway.

Carl started asking him questions about their progress in the case, and as they talked he became more concerned with their lack of progress. Carl didn’t seem worried but then Carl hadn’t seen Justin dancing at Babylon. Carl didn’t fully know what had gone on at The Sap's party, hell, neither did he… he tried not to focus to much on the fact that he was pretty sure that Justin didn’t really know either. Carl hadn’t been there this morning when Justin had gotten his own stalker. Debbie had.

“Carl, you’ve gotta get that kid outta there.”

“Debbie, he’s a police officer, not a kid. I’m sure he can take care of himself.”

“You didn’t see the guy following him this morning.”

“What guy?” Carl looked to Brian, then back to Debbie.

Debbie retold the events of the diner, but seemed to be addressing them to Brian, as if he hadn’t been there. “So the guy followed him out of the diner.” She finished.

Brian nodded. “And then he came back to the loft, where he’s perfectly safe.”

There were snorts of disbelief all around and Brian tried to find a really pressing reason to leave and meet Michael later. He couldn’t.

“Let’s go to Woody’s.”

“Or Babylon.”

Brian shook his head. “Justin’s working.”


“So I’m trying NOT to blow his cover.”

“And your being at Babylon would make people think there’s something abnormal about the evening?”

“Fine, I have to go home and change first. Meet you there?”

Michael shook his head. “I know you. I’ll go with.”

Brian was no more clear on what direction the case was heading than he had been before dinner. Michael was saying goodbye to his mother when Carl pulled him aside. “The kid’s okay?”

“Thought he wasn’t a kid?”

Carl glared and Brian nodded. “He’s holding his own. Stalker wasn’t much of an issue. Did you know some other rookie from Pitcairn’s working in our precinct?”

“Yeah, Billy, his dad was Pittsburgh PD.”


“He’s a good kid.”


Carl shook his head. “Let’s keep pretending you don’t know why Justin left Pitcairn. Otherwise I have to write you up for reading confidential personnel files.”

“Keep Billy away from Justin.”

“I think Justin can keep him away if he needs to.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, but you shouldn’t know what you mean.”


“I’ll take care of it. Get the kid out of Babylon soon.”

Brian smirked. “Sick of hearing the boss bitch?”

“Her kids aren’t dying. She’s happy about that. Now she’s got a bug up her ass about Taylor.”

“Yeah, he brings out the maternal instinct in some.”

“And you two are just friends.”

“Carl, you know me better than that. Would I fuck my partner?”


Brian was about to say something when Michael, coat in hand, joined them. “Ready?”

Brian nodded and headed the jeep back to his loft. It was early. He’d change. They’d go to Woody’s then the movie. If he timed it right they could avoid Babylon completely.


Justin slid into the booth where Morrison was already working on a beer. He poured himself one from the pitcher and shook his head at the offer of a cigarette. “Hey.”

“Hey, glad you could make it.”

Justin shrugged. “Nothing else to do.”

“You hungry?”

“I could eat.”

They ordered a pizza and Morrison kept up both sides of the conversation. Justin listened as Morrison told stories, asked questions and then answered them. A raised eyebrow, interested expression and occasional, “right” was all that was required of him. It was actually almost relaxing except that he had a feeling Morrison was working towards asking him something. He nodded again and continued to wait.

The pizza arrived. They both started eating and then Morrison changed his tone. “I know you need money.”

“I’m doing okay but yeah, everything’s expensive these days.”

“I think I can help.”


“I know you worked Gary's party.”

“Yeah. But…”

Morrison shook his head. “I get it, you’re not really into that.”

“Not really.”

“That’s cool. Whatever. This is different.”


“Nothing too illegal.”

Too illegal?”

“I just need… can I trust you?”

“You already know you can trust me or you wouldn’t be talking to me.”

“Right, right. Listen, I just need a runner.”

“For what exactly?”

“Just… not dealing, I just need someone who can take an occasional request.”

“For what?”

“What do you think?”

“I think you’re dealing E and not cutting Gary in on it.”

“E, K, GHB and Crystal, all big sellers. All big money makers.”

“So how’s it work?”

“They tell you. You take the money and let me know. Then I make sure they get what they need.”

“And when Gary finds out?”

“Gary's up to his ass in bullshit with his suppliers. He won’t notice.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, he’s not paying attention. He came up seriously short last month and there are some very pissed off men breathing down his neck. He’s not looking in our direction.”

Justin leaned back and pretended to think about it. He nodded. “Yeah. Okay. So they come to me, they give me the money, how do I get it to you?”

“I’ll pick it up occasionally. Thing is when they come to me, they’re gonna have to be cleared by you.”


“I need some signal that they did actually pay you, and you know, what they paid you for.”

“This is getting complicated.”

“Don’t play stupid Taylor. I’m asking you because you’re not. Last kid I had working for me fucked it all up.”

“So how do I signal them?”

Morrison explained it to him and Justin thought about some way to keep Brian from Babylon 'til this was over. This was going to be an issue. He’d worry about that later. “So tonight?”

“Yeah, I need someone to do this for me. Trust me, you’ll make more than you make in tips.”

“I do okay.”

Morrison nodded and they finished their beers and went to work.


Brian’s plan worked well until eleven when Michael insisted they check out “boy wonder” as he’d dubbed Justin. Brian tried to get him to play a game of pool but in the end, they were leaning against the bar at Babylon and Brian was trying not to stare at Justin in a blue satin Speedo and some weird wrist cuffs. He tried very hard not to watch Justin touch several of the guys who were tipping him.

Justin didn’t usually touch them back. He wondered if Gary had slipped him something or if Justin was simply more comfortable with the job.

“He’s all over that guy.”

Brian nodded. “Probably searching him for contraband.”

Michael laughed and Brian dragged him onto the dance floor. He tried to catch Justin’s eye but Justin resolutely refused to meet his gaze.

Less than an hour later Brian was dragging Michael to the theatre.

Two hours later he dropped Michael off and headed back to the loft for his now ritual pacing and smoking while he waited to see what kind of trouble Justin was planning on denying he was in.

He had almost convinced himself that Justin would be fine when the door opened and Justin rushed through, breathless and looking harried. “Fuck.”

“Something new?”

Justin closed the door behind him. “Annoying man, from this morning. He’s back.”

“Did he follow you here?”

“No, he was outside Babylon. I got rid of him.”


“I kneed him in the balls.”

“You fight dirty.”

“He touched me.”

Brian tried to stay glib. “Bad touch?”

“Fuck off. He’s creepy. If he shows up again I’m getting a restraining order.” Justin took the cigarette out of Brian’s hand and inhaled deeply. Brian tried to find words. He was torn. He wanted to take off and kill stalker boy. He wanted to ask Justin why he had suddenly taken up smoking. He wanted to know why he’d been touching guys all night and yet this guy touching him had his hand shaking a little as he handed the cigarette back.

He decided to simply get them each a beer, and maybe a scotch. He could always kill stalker boy later.

They were sitting on the sofa. Justin with a glass of gin, Brian with two fingers of beam. “Okay, so…”

“Morrison's dealing.”


“I’m running for him. That’s why I was touching those guys.”

“You’re what?”

Justin explained it, and Brian did his best not to throttle Justin.

“You’re getting involved in a second drug trafficking operation?”

“Well The Sap's being dealt with externally. He still doesn’t know I’m a cop, so I’m hoping he either notices what I’m doing… and thus shares more information that he planned, because there’s no way that what he’s telling the idiot twins is accurate. No fucking way. And if not, we can just take down Morrison too. He’s working for the guy who owns Vinny’s, it might be big.”

“You planning on cleaning up Liberty Avenue single-handedly?”

“I was thinking you’d help.”

“Maybe. But…” Brian didn’t get a chance to answer. His phone rang.

Justin’s POV

Whatever news he just got, it’s not good. I lean back against the sofa and try to calm my nerves. I’m pissed off. I let that guy get to me. I knew Brian was pissed about something, and a lot of the customers I had to touch today wanted to take things further. A couple might have even been a good tie but with the other cops working the inside, there’s no way I was going to do that.

So I was in a hurry to get the fuck out of there. My guard was down. Mistake. Annoying guy thought this would be his opportunity. I told him to fuck off. Not sure what part of that he didn’t get. I moved away. He tried to grab my arm. I turned around to tell him to fuck off again and he was on me. Hands on both my wrists. Knee between my legs that’s when I kicked him. It was instinct. Panic. I thought I was over panic like that. Maybe Pittsburgh was a bad idea.

I look up, Brian’s off the phone and he’s pacing. Right… focus. There’s an entire world that doesn’t revolve around me.

“What’s wrong?”

“More people died.”

“Oh shit. Is it possible that it’s still residual shit?”

“They don’t think so. There were three at pistol, one at Popperz, two at Babylon. Tonight they all decided to take the last or their stash?”

“Seems unlikely.”

“Carl agrees. And loved getting called at three in the morning.”

“I’m sure.”

“Would you stop fucking agreeing with me.”

“You want to argue? For a guy who’s got serious control issues, you seem to thrive on crisis.”

“I’m best under pressure.”

“Good to know. So, what now?”

“Nothing we can do 'til we get the lab reports from the new victims.”

“So I’ll…”

I’m walking to the door and I am determined that I’m going to sleep, at home, in my bed.

He wraps his fingers around my wrist and pulls me to him. I’m still shaken from annoying stalker man, and this doesn’t help. He’s big on control and I know he’s been holding back, probably because of that minor hissy I threw when he covered my mouth. Now he’s more focused on getting me into bed than anything else. His eyes are dark and he’s angry and that scares me.

Fuck. He sees it. Shit, now I have to get out of here.


Brian’s POV

So he’s touching customers to let that Morrison kid know what they paid for. Okay, for a moment I’m going to pretend that’s not the most fucked thing he’s done all week. It probably isn’t. He’s still shaking from whatever happened with his infatuated admirer. He’s holding himself differently. He usually sprawls on the sofa after working, when he’s too tired to fully answer my questions and hold himself upright. Today, he’s ramrod stiff, and not at all in a good way.

After the phone call he’s even more upset, and, surprise, his goal is to leave. He does that, I’ve noticed. He tries to retreat. I get it. I do. I just don’t want him to leave until I know what the fuck is going on. I’m not thinking. I pull him to me. Shit. He’s scared.

Pictures flash. The ones in his personnel file. The bruises. I let him go. He takes a step back, his breathing shallow. His hands shaking as he pushes against my chest. I let him. I take another step away from him.

“You have got to cut shit like that out. I am not some little rag doll who’s gonna melt into your arms every time you yank me there.”

I don’t know how to respond to that. I’ve never wanted to hold anyone the way I want to hold him. That thought alone makes me take another step backwards. He thinks I’m moving because he’s yelling. He moves forward, towards me. I want to take another step away from his angry glare and his tangible fear. I force myself to stand still, to let him get as close as he wants. I don’t move.

He’s almost touching me now. He looks up and I look down. Our eyes meet. He pulls my head down and kisses me. Then he turns and walks away. Fuck. I don’t want him to leave. He tastes too good.


He turns, “what?”

“You’re little stalker…”

“He’s just a guy who wants to fuck me. No real threat.”

“Did he follow you?”

“No. I took off while he was still holding his balls and laying on the gravel.”

“You sure?”

“You want me to stay.”

It’s not a question. I nod. He shakes his head. “You know, someday, I’m going to say no to you.”

I nod again. I’m really not looking forward to that day.

He pulls his shirt over his head and moves towards the bedroom. “I’m taking a shower.”

I nod again.

“Join me.”

I am so fucked. I join him.


Once they were out of the shower Brian began to rub the towel over Justin’s hair. He swatted Brian’s hands away. “I can dry myself.”

He then stood on his toes and dried Brian’s hair. Brian almost protested but then the towel dropped behind him and Justin’s still damp, warm body was pressed against his and he didn’t really give a fuck how his hair got dry, or even if it did. Justin pushed him back towards the bed and they fell together. Brian stretching his body over Justin’s covering every inch of his skin with his own. They continued an unbroken kiss for several minutes. Their hands moving, stroking each other’s cocks and then moving away. Brian kneading Justin’s ass, Justin wrapping his legs around Brian’s waist and thrusting his own cock against Brian’s.

They continued kissing and petting for a long time. Brian realized he hadn’t spent this much time on foreplay since he was in high school. He pushed thoughts about how much this didn’t feel like foreplay to the back of his mind.

Justin was having similar thoughts. Sex was fun, but this wasn’t sex. This was something else, something more. They were enjoying the feelings, the feel of one another. The close contact, the… intimacy and Justin almost laughed at that, but then Brian’s hands were running down his torso, moving back up to his nipples, rolling and tweaking them, tugging his nipple ring, making his back bow and his mouth open. He wanted Brian inside him but he didn’t want this to end. This feeling of being the only two people in the world with nowhere to go and nothing to do other than touch.

They both pulled back at times, so close to coming it was embarrassing. Finally Justin couldn’t take it anymore. He rolled over and pulled himself up to his knees. Spreading his legs, using every motion to let Brian know what he wanted.

Brian had other plans. His fingers stroked the inside of Justin’s thighs, feather light touches that moved to his balls. He pressed the spot behind them and then ghosted his fingers over the head of Justin's cock, his thumb sliding the precum over the head. His mouth followed his fingers. Stroking and licking, suckling and then finally his tongue was at Justin’s hole.

Justin pushed his ass back into Brian’s face. Brian pressed his tongue inside him and Justin let out a low moan, pushing further back, clenching around Brian's tongue, trying to hold the slippery appendage inside him. He gasped in frustration when Brian went back to simply licking and stroking the outside of his hole. Justin felt himself wet with Brian’s saliva and wanted something of the man inside him, but as he seemed in no hurry to oblige Justin moved his own fingers back towards his ass.

Brian’s hands covered his own as he pushed one, then a second finger inside him. He grunted as he pushed them in almost too quickly. Justin grunted even louder when Brian’s fingers joined his, sliding into him, curling with his. Their fingers intertwined inside him. He felt full and when he stroked his own prostate, and Brian’s fingers followed immediately afterwards he bucked into Brian’s hands. One resting on his ass the other deep inside him.

“Brian, fuck me. Please.”

Brian didn’t move his hands away. He slowly let his free hand curl around Justin’s waist until he was grasping his cock. Squeezing and releasing, but not stroking him off. Justin moved back, fucking himself on his own fingers and Brian's. Trying to thrust his cock into Brian’s hand. And when Brian mercilessly stroked his prostate moving Justin’s fingers with his own so that each movement was doubled, all sensations were intensified, Justin came.

Brian pulled out just as the warm flood filled his hand. He put on a condom and plunged deep into Justin, feeling the boy’s body convulse around him. Hearing him yell his name, “fuck Brian, oh my god. Yes.”

Hearing him hiss on the last word. He moved slowly, each time the head of his cock dragged over Justin’s prostate, Justin quivered and moaned. And when Brian came, Justin’s body tensed and released as if he’d had a second orgasm.

Brian pulled out and rolled onto his back. Justin moved over top of him, fitting his hips between Brian’s thighs and kissed him. He nibbled on his tongue and ran his hands through Brian’s hair and a few moments later Brian kissed him back. Their hands once again finding and familiarizing themselves with each other’s bodies. They kissed and petted and eventually Justin’s mouth moved lower, to Brian’s nipples and then even lower to his cock, swallowing around him and humming as he took Brian over the brink.

Eventually, when they were too tired to do anything more than press their naked bodies against each other they fell asleep.

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  • (no subject)

    I'm reviewing Top Chef Season 11 each week for Phoodie Phoodie the Food Blog check it out, it's…

  • I did a new thing. It's scary, hold my hand, please. has a red sauced stepchild called My brother does a bunch of stuff on there and when I ran across Supermarket Superstar,…

  • Life goes on

    Turns out I was epically tired because I stopped sleeping 37 x an hour. So now i sleep like Darth Vadar and am tired because I adopted This little…