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new one off B/J fic

This bunny was eating my brain so I wrote it.
It's just a random little schmoopy PWP about a moment post 513 and a heat wave.
feedback is kinda what's keeping me alive right now.


It was one of those summer days that hit unheard of temperatures. The heat shouldn’t have affected a climate-controlled loft this high above New York but somehow it managed to. Justin was wearing a pair of old cargo shorts that came below his knee. The edges were frayed and the hem was pulling away from the pants themselves. When he bent his knee it gaped through. Brian stared at the spot and considered sliding his hand between the gap but today it seemed like a Herculean task. He took another hit off of his joint and held his arm out slightly, offering it to Justin.

Justin seemed as listless as Brian. He held in the smoke as he moved to sprawl across the white rug. His shirt off, the wool of the rug made his bare back itch. He moved a little, letting the rough weave scratch the very spot it was itching. Brian turned on the TV. The newscaster was yammering about the record-breaking heat wave, which only reminded them of the reason for their lethargy. He turned it off.

Justin stretched his arms out away from him and spread his legs a little as if he were trying to make an angel on the carpet. “Christ, it hasn’t been this hot in forever. It reminds me of when my parents made me go to camp.”

“Overnight camp?” Brian’s interest was piqued a little.

“I was thirteen. Nothing happened.”


“Nothing. I was really pissed.”

Brian laughed. “So am I. You go to overnight camp and share a hot sweaty cabin with fifteen boys and can’t even bring home one good story?”


“Five good stories?”

“Five boys in the cabin. I don’t think any of them were gay. For the most part, I was scared to death they’d find out I was.”

“So no touching tale about your first circle jerk?”

“I didn’t even get my first kiss, from a guy, until I was fourteen.”

Brian tried to muster the energy for an eyebrow raise but realized that Justin was staring at the ceiling, so there was no point. “Do tell.”

Justin sighed. “When girls come out…”

“This is a lesbian story?”

“Shut up. When they debut, and not all of them did, but some girls chose to, they need partners and all of their girls need partners, or some shit, so a lot of the boys had to take this three week ballroom course.”

“Three weeks to learn the waltz and fox trot?”

“No, there were um… choreographed things too.”

“Choreographed. You danced, in a choreographed routine?”

Justin sighed and moved his hand to run it through his hair but let it flop back against the carpet. “Shut up. Do you want to hear the story or not?”

Brian made a sound that he hoped indicated that while he wasn’t completely hanging on every word, he was not averse to hearing the details of Justin’s first kiss.

“I can’t believe I’ve never told you this.”

Brian made the noise again. This time he hoped it did not convey the fact that they were thinking the same thing at the same time and how much that creeped him out.

He leaned his head back against the sofa and exhaled the last of the joint, stubbing it out on the ashtray lying on his chest.

Justin continued. “So it was an all boys class because they had some weird idea that if we got hooked up with some girl we wouldn’t concentrate. We were all very versatile. Everyone got a chance to lead and follow.”

Brian reached towards the coffee table for the canister and rolled another joint. If he was going to have to think about Justin, dancing, in a tuxedo, he needed to be stoned. It also kept him from commenting on the whole versatile thing.

“So I was teamed up with Tyler Justtenson.”

“You’re making this up.”

“No, the teacher was like a hundred and I think she got us confused, and this way, she could sort of mumble a name without having to actually remember two separate ones.”


“Swear on our central air.”

“Okay, so what happened?”

“He was gay. Well, I thought he was. But then when we were practicing a tango… I was pretty sure.”

“Awww, little Tyler got a woody.”

“So did little Justin. I’m not sure who blushed more.”

“Probably you.”

“Probably. But after class he asked me if I wanted to see something cool.”

“Like his cock?”

“I was hoping that’s what he meant. So we went out to the rough near the seventh green, and some kid had shoved a skateboard up in a tree or something. I pretended to be interested and then when turned his head to say something we kissed.”

“Who kissed whom?”

“I think I kissed him but I’m not sure. Should I call him and ask what he remembers?”

“You still talk to him?”

“He’s about to finish his MBA at Wharton, my mom keeps up on this kind of stuff.”

“So did you fuck him?”

“You already know the answer to that.”

“why not?”

“My father was golfing, and when we pulled apart I could hear him on the third tee and figured we’d better get the fuck out of there.”

“Was he a good kisser?”

“Better than you.”

Brian actually lifted his head at that one. “Really?”

Justin smiled. “No. Pass me that.”

Brian slid off the sofa and moved across the floor slowly 'til his hip was inches from Justin’s and his head in the vicinity of Justin’s feet.

“Know what this weather makes me think of?”

Justin exhaled a long thick stream of smoke. “Heat?”


“It’s too hot to think of something witty.”

Neither said anything for a few minutes as they passed the joint back and forth, not moving anything other than their arms. Their only physical contact, when their fingers touched. Brian felt his head become fuzzier. He heard a soft buzzing and enjoyed the somewhat weightless feeling.



“What does this weather make you think of.”

“The first time I got fucked.”

“Your gym teacher?”

Brian shook his head once and realized the pointlessness. Justin wasn’t looking at him. “No. That was the first time I sucked a guy off.”

“So who was the first guy you fucked.”

“I don’t remember his name. But that was later.”

Justin was silent for a moment. “I want to hear a story.”

Brian could hear the stoned smile in Justin’s voice. He moved his foot a little, knocking it against Justin’s head. “Twat.”


“I was fifteen.” Brian moved his leg again, but Justin’s hair tickled his ankle so he moved it back. “The guy’s name was… not important. He was actually taller than I was, and eighteen. I met him at some pizza place while I was hanging out with Michael.”

“Met him. He picked you up?”

“I didn’t have a car. I would have blown him for a ride.”


“So Michael took his bike home or whatever and we ended up making out for a couple of hours. He took me back to his place, which was a basement in his parents house.” Brian laughed and he felt Justin’s lips kiss the knob of bone at his ankle. “So I figure, I’ll suck him off, and he’ll blow me, or you know, a little mutual masturbation, the usual, but he’s peeling my clothes off and I realize that I’m actually going to get laid.”

Brian could feel Justin’s unsaid words hanging in the air. All of them, the cute, the snarky, the caring, the over sentimental. He really only told the rest of the story to keep Justin from commenting.

“So he fucked me. And he was hot. And good, and you were really lucky, because I was better.”

Justin was smart he said nothing for several moments. “And this weather makes you remember that?”

“Makes me want that.”

Justin moved then, rolling a little away from Brian and crawling across the floor 'til he was hovering over Brian’s mouth. His knees on either side of one of Brian’s thighs. He let his head drop down for a kiss and Brian didn’t have to open his eyes to feel when Justin was close enough. He opened his mouth and let Justin's tongue plunder it.

He lifted his hips as Justin tugged at his jeans, and then moved his own hands to Justin’s cargos pulling at the loose waistband until it slid as far as it would go. Justin opened the fly and Brian tugged them off. They were both naked and Justin whispered in his ear. “What did he do? Did he rim you first?”

Brian shook his head. Justin’s lips slid down his chest, stopping to flick at his nipple for a few moments and then tracing the line of his abs. “Did he blow you?”

Brian shook his head again and Justin pushed at Brian’s thighs a little. “Then this is going to be better than that.”

Brian put his bare feet flat on the carpet and let his knees fall apart, his eyes closed again.

Justin’s mouth was doing one of the things it did best, but it wasn’t what he wanted at the moment. He reached down and Justin’s hand met his. He pulled him up. “Fuck me.”

Justin nodded, reaching into Brian’s discarded jeans for some lube. He coated his cock and Brian watched and then rolled under him lifting his ass in the air and remembering, almost, what it was like then. Appreciating even more, what it was like now. Justin’s hands on his hips, pulling him back, pressing his hard wet bare cock against him. Letting his cock slide over his hole and press lightly, getting him ready and making him want it more. When he did press in, Brian’s hands found Justin’s and their fingers interlaced on his hip.




He pushed back as Justin pushed in and let out a loud bellow that was part pleasure and part pain. He rocked against him as Justin tried to hold him still, giving him time to adjust. He didn’t want to. He spread his knees apart further and rocked forward and back, fucking himself on Justin until the kid got the idea. He was pounding into him then. Brian turned his head to the side. Justin’s eyes were closed, his head thrown back and as he swiveled his hips and snapped them against Brian’s ass he moaned.

Justin pulled out, pressing on Brian’s hip, pulling them both to the side. Brian's head was on Justin’s arm, his leg draped over Justin’s hip. He felt him slide back in, and tilted his head. Their lips met for a kiss more scorching than the outside temperature. Justin’s slicked hand grasped and squeezed the base of Brian’s cock as his other hand reached around and rubbed two fingers hard over Brian’s nipple. “Did he fuck you like this?”

Brian shook his head and pulled Justin in for another kiss. Brian’s moans and grunts filled the space as Justin’s cock filled him. It prodded his prostate again and again, moving away, fucking him hard and then coming back to that one spot that made everything inside seem to unravel. “Fuck me.”

“I am, Brian, I’m fucking you. So tight.”

Brian relished the words. The air was thick and heavy. They were both sweating, tangled in one another, their sweat sealing them together and making them glide over each others skin at the same time. Both of them moving more in these moments than they had in the last two days total. Their lethargy lost to the rhythm of their passion and need. The humid muggy forecast no longer a blip on their radar.

When his orgasm came it was hard and fast, crackling and sizzling inside of him and then exploding, making him see white behind his eyes. The heat of the day forgotten in the heat of the moment. He felt himself convulse around Justin and then Justin’s orgasm, filling him, dripping out of him, leaving him hotter and stickier and a hell of a lot more satisfied than when they started.

He rolled onto his back and reached for a cigarette.

Justin took his hand. “You quit a month ago.”

He nodded and ran his fingers through soft blond hair instead.

Justin rolled away from him. It really was too hot to be touching. Brian listened to Justin’s breathing as they both lay prone and somewhat boneless on the floor.

Justin turned his head and Brian raised an eyebrow, giving him the permission to ask the question. “Was that story even true?”

“Does it matter?”

Justin smiled, “I guess not.”

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  • (no subject)

    I'm reviewing Top Chef Season 11 each week for Phoodie Phoodie the Food Blog check it out, it's…

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