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PORN, and a THANK YOU to bookgirl24

bookgirl24 bought me a present. She sent me all of firefly the series and the movie Serenity

Since miss manners says you have up to like, six months to send a thank you, and longer than that if the thank you includes porn, the fact that this thank you post comes two weeks after i got it is totally within the etiquette guidelines.

After I called her to thank her I told her that i was so grateful that all she needed was to tell me her fic kink and i'd be happy to write something just for her. So she did, and I did.

the results are under the cut.

It'z PWP, with no plot at all. I swear, NO. Plot

It was beta'd by xie_xie_xie, one of my darling wives. She made it better. she made it GREAT.

so this is me, shutting up because you've already clicked on the cut haven't you? yeah, i thought so.

ETS: she also gave me a book of crossword puzzles and a lovely picture frame with paw prints and the like for pics of my dogs. and some silly stuff.

the banner was made by thing_of_wonder

Like This

I fasten the second buckle around his wrist and kiss his hand right at the base of his thumb. He grunts and I move on to his other arm.

It’s really not as difficult as people might think to get Brian to agree to this. It’s all about timing. When his hands moved down my back, I gently circled his wrists and moved them over his head. He arched an eyebrow, smirked, and that was the end of the conversation.

I’m working on his other wrist now. He’s naked. I’m still dressed. He’s hard. So am I. When I attach both of his wrists to the headboard, his back arches a little and I move down his body slowly. Kissing his chest. Taking his hardened nipple between my teeth and pulling. He bites his lip and I look up at him and smile. He won’t be silent for long. I move lower. Breathing over his cock as it bobs and leaks but I don’t touch it. Not yet.
His body is stretched, accentuating the muscles in his arms and torso.

His head snaps up when I put the bands around his thighs, just above his knees. He wasn’t expecting that. I smile and he lets his head drop back on the pillow, his eyes closed, mouth open, breathing harsh. I kiss the inside of each thigh and attach the cord to the bedposts above his head. His legs are pulled wide, his back curved up just a little. His ass exposed. I lick the inside of his thigh and he groans. Told you he wouldn’t be able to remain silent.

I walk away from him for a moment, turn out the rest of the lights until there’s only the soft glow of the light over the bed. His body is cast in shadow and the room goes up in temperature when our eyes meet.

I crawl up his body to kiss him and I feel him struggle a little. It’s instinct. He wants to touch me, to guide me. He can’t. He’ll still try. I lean in, pushing my tongue into his mouth, feeling his heartbeat against my chest. I lean my head towards his ear. “You okay?”

He nods and I kiss him again. Keeping his lower lip between my teeth as I pull back. “You should relax. We might be here a while.” He groans a little but he doesn’t complain. He hasn’t said a word since I took his shirt off. He’s been perfectly compliant. I’m hyper aware of that. It’s unusual, even at times like these. I moved down his body again, letting my hands flick and play with his nipples as I kiss his abs and move lower. His cock leaks again and I lick it away, careful not to touch his cock. It’s throbbing and wants attention. He’ll get it. Just not yet. I move up his body again and he groans. His eyes follow my hand as I reach into the drawer. When I find what I’m looking for he whispers my name. “Justin.”

I smile. “Yes?”

“I want you. Not that thing.”

I nod but say nothing as I turn the base to low, and the dildo vibrates in my hand with a soft hum. I have no intention of fucking him with it. I want him too. Instead I lick the head of it and move between his spread thighs. He groans and then groans more loudly as I move the vibrator up the inside of his leg, letting it graze his balls. He bucks and his cock spurts again. His body is becoming slick with sweat. I move it towards his thigh and then back towards his balls and watch as he grunts and then moans my name.


It’s not the only word I can think of, but it’s on the short list. He’s torturing me and I don’t want him to stop. Each time that thing grazes my balls I buck against it. I want him inside me, now. I keep my mouth shut and concentrate on what he’s doing. It’s not that I don’t trust him; it’s that there’s only so much control I can give up at a time. He smiles and rolls the vibrator over my cock. My body shakes in unison with it. Arching towards it.


He’s running it over my nipples and there’s not a nerve ending in my body that isn’t awake and crackling, waiting for him. Always waiting for him. He tosses the vibrator to the side and moves back up my body, his thighs grazing my torso.

The soft light and the warm feel of his skin combined make me need him even more. The way he moves, the way his pale skin seems to glow against the shadows. Every move is deliberate and still fluid and tantalizing. He’s straddling my chest. He dropped his jeans a few minutes ago. He stretches his torso as he takes his shirt off. I pull at the restraints. I want to touch him.

He shakes his head. “You can touch me later.” I nod. What else can I do?

He presses his cock to my lips. I open up, tasting him. Salty and warm. He pushes into my mouth slowly and I close my eyes.

He says I have a natural talent for blowjobs. Well, I learned from the master. As I push into his mouth, feeding him my cock, his wet lips slide over my shaft and he hollows out his cheeks, the suction amazing. The look on his face, the lines of his arms straining because he wants to pull me closer and can’t, all burn into my memory. I love him like this. When he’ll take nothing more than what I give him. When his control is beyond tested, when it’s completely surrendered for the moment. He can shut my brain off quickly, I can’t do the same for him, but this… this makes him focus on one thing. What he feels. And watching him give in to that is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I pull back and his head follows me. I’m not ready to come yet; another few seconds in his mouth and I won’t have a choice. I hold my cock just an inch from his mouth and his tongue flicks out, licking at the tip. The strand of pre-come runs from the tip of my cock to his tongue, and I close my eyes while I move down his body again. I hear his frustrated grunt as his head falls back against the pillow. His ass is lifted off the bed, his back curled. I watch as his thighs quiver while I breathe over his cock, and then I feel him buck as I suck hard on the smooth spot behind his balls. He’s trying to push his body further towards me but he can’t. He wants to close his legs and trap my head here. He can’t do that either.

I pull away and part his cheeks. My tongue plays with the inside of his crack. Avoiding his hole, teasing him while he tries to angle his body towards me.


His voice is breathy and a little gravely, and I feel my body respond. I move closer to his hole, circling it with my tongue. He shifts a little and I lube my finger, pressing it into him quickly.


This time it’s almost a groan, and I curl my finger inside him as my tongue works the folds and wrinkles of his hole, watching it and feeling it as it pulses around my finger, getting wetter, opening up and trying to suck me in further. I don’t stop until I feel his legs shaking. Then I pull out completely and watch as his chest rises as falls. His hair stuck to his forehead with sweat, his body stretched and quivering. I move my hands lightly over his chest and he sighs. Taking the lube, I drizzle it over his cock and let it drip down over his balls. He pulls at the restraints again as his cock leaks more.

I move my own body over his, letting our cocks grind together for a moment before I slide up and let the head, wet and hot, slide between my cheeks. I rock a little, enjoying the friction and the way his body arches trying to get inside me. I move my ass forward and off of his cock. He moans and I lean my entire body over his, kissing him again. Trapping his mouth, stealing his breath until he’s panting when I pull back. “You’re going to come before I fuck you.”

He nods. I shake my head. “Not a question.” His eyes open wider and he seems to understand. I move back, sitting between his legs, so open, his entire body so open and ready for me that I need a moment myself before I continue. Shiny with sweat and lube, tense and waiting, his eyes dark with desire. I’ve never seen him look more beautiful and I tell him so.

I take his wet balls into my mouth, sucking on them hard, almost painfully, I know. He responds with a wanton gasp, pushing himself into me again. I put my hands on his thighs and press him back the few millimeters he’s moved. His body stills. He understands.

I run my fingers down his thighs, letting my nails scratch the soft sensitive skin there. The sounds coming from him are constant now. I’m all he wants. I’m everything he wants and the feeling is completely mutual. When I finally move my hands to his cock, stroking him slowly while I lick and press my tongue into the spot behind his balls, he comes. His back arching 'til only his feet and shoulders are on the bed. I pull away completely and use two fingers to scoop the come off of his belly. He’s watching me.

I smile and lick my fingers, sucking on them while he licks his red lips. His open-mouthed breathing telling me that he’s still recovering. I run my fingers through the come again and this time my fingers are in his mouth. He sucks on them, licking them clean. And when I kiss him, I taste all of him.

If I fuck him now I’ll only last a minute. I curl my body around his bound one, resting my head on his chest, my fingers drawing lazy circles around his sensitive nipples. I feel his struggle again; he wants to wrap his arms around me. He can’t yet. “Shhhh. Just relax, Brian.”

He stops struggling and I close my eyes, listening to his heart slow, feeling his chest rise and fall with each breath.

What the fuck? He’s falling asleep? As my body relaxes a little I look down at his face. He’s smiling and his breathing is slow and deep. I test the restraints again and then hope we remembered to lock the fucking door. Just what I need, Michael stopping by and finding Justin using my restrained body as a pillow. I close my eyes and kiss the top of his head. “Justin.”



“Relax, Brian. I haven’t forgotten about you. I promise.”

I relax a little but there’s only so much relaxing I can do when I’m this exposed. He knows it too. His arm is flung across my chest, his leg over my torso, his head on my shoulder, like he’s trying to hide me from the world.

A minute or so later and he moves his head, smiling. “I love the way you smell when you want me.”

“I always want you.” Seems kind of stupid to lie about something like that.

“You know what I mean.”

And I do. The smell of sex, of sweat and want and need are heavy at the moment, the both of us covered in it. His legs are on either side of me now as he takes my face between his hands and kisses me. I try to push my tongue into his mouth but he slides his into mine instead. His tongue is hot and rough, tasting like me, and yet, still very much like him. He swipes his tongue under my lower lip, keeping it between his teeth as he pulls away. Then he kisses the tip of my nose and I can’t help it. I laugh.

“I’m going to fuck you, Brian.”

I nod. I’ve known that since he took my clothes off.

“But not yet.”

I try to growl but he just kisses me and swallows the sound. “When I do, you’ll be begging for it.”

No shit. I’m ready to beg now. I look at his body, the soft skin that I can’t touch, the hard, almost purple, cock, leaking and ready, that he won’t fuck me with…yet. He runs his hands up my arms, and then kisses my shoulder, moving off of me to kiss up my arm. My tensed and sore muscles appreciating the attention but really, it’s not where I want his mouth. I bite my lip and then stop and just respond. What’s the point in pretending? He’s driving me insane with need and there’s nothing I can do but let him.

He’s so ready. I move between his legs again, kneading his strong calf muscles, running my hands along the back of his thighs. My fingers dig into his cheeks, massaging them. He’s begging now. With words and the way he breathes. His body rocking in my hands. I say his name. He looks up and watches me as I drizzle the lube over my cock. He gasps a little. “Justin.”

Moving my wet cock between his cheeks, letting the head slide back and forth, not pushing for entrance but making him wet and even more desperate he gasps out a “please.”

I smile. “Begging?”

He nods. “Please. Fuck me.” I push into him. The head of my cock pressing him open, spreading him wide, and he shudders, his cock hard again, his body still and waiting.

“Brian, breathe.”

He takes in a gulp of air and as he exhales I push all the way in to him. He struggles again, wanting to move his legs, wanting to wrap his body around mine. I hear the bedposts creak slightly as his thighs pull against the restraints. I pull out entirely and he makes a sound that’s half grunt, half whimper. I take a deep steadying breath, smelling his need, smelling my own. The dark room combining with the heavy scent of us make me ready to come just like this, hovering near his hole, in control of his every feeling. I take another breath and push back inside him.

He’s moving with me now. Using his feet as leverage to push up against me. I stay inside him, rocking into his tight hole, feeling the head of my cock brush against his prostate. Feeling his whole body quiver each time I do. I change angles, pulling out a little, fucking him but not hard enough, not deep enough to get him to come. He tries to fix that, but his thighs are spread wide and he can’t; his body can only push so far against me. It’s not enough and we both know it. I push in again all the way and he shudders. I look up to see him watching me. His eyes fixed on my face. I close mine. If I keep looking at him I’ll come too fast.

I press against his prostate again and watch his cock as it leaks. Feel his ass clamp around mine, trying to hold me right where I am. I pull back again, inhaling deeply. My hands gripping his thighs, slippery with lube and sweat, pressing his knees further apart as I bring him to the edge and pull back, over and over again. He’s begging now. Not just with movements. He’s asking to come, demanding, “Justin. Now.”

“Shhhh” is all I can say to him. He stops demanding. He’s moving his head from side to side, sweat flying off of his hair as he does. We’re both soaked, slippery, slick, and desperate. I pull him back from the edge again and he growls. I don’t say a word. I have no idea what I’d say if I wanted to. Instead I focus on the feel of his hot tight ass clamping down on my cock. On how wet he is, not just from the lube but my own pre-come that’s filling him.

I press deeply into him and grip his knees tightly as I drag my cock over his prostate again and again. I’ve held him off for this long and now I’m being merciless, feeling his body respond to my every movement, my every touch. He lets out a loud groan as he comes, and when his orgasm tries to expel me from him I push against it. The rippling muscles running over my cock pull my own orgasm from me as I groan and collapse on top of him.

Before his heart rate even begins to slow he’s trying to move his arms. He wants to run his hand through my hair. I wait a moment and then pull out. Whispering to him. “I’m going to untie your arms Brian, but not your legs, not yet.”

I untie him, but don’t unbuckle the wristbands. Kissing his hand I whisper, “Leave them on for me.” The dark brown leather looks so amazing against his skin. I want to feel them when he touches me. His arms wrap around my body and I’m almost loathe to wriggle out of his grip, but I do, moving between his legs again and gasping at the pornographic image of my come dripping out of his hole.

I lick at it. His hands reach down to try and find my hair. His legs are still spread wide, his hole open and dripping. I pull his cheeks apart further, lapping up my own come, poking my tongue inside him, feeling how open and relaxed he is. I lose myself in the smell and taste and feel of it. Our love, our trust. Us.

I feed the last of it back to him. He can’t stop touching me, his hand running through my wet sweaty hair. One arm wrapped around me, moving down my back, cupping my ass and then resting on the small of my back. He leans up to kiss me. And I’m sitting on his lap, his arms around me, his legs still attached to the bedposts.

I lose myself in the kiss. His warm musky scent overwhelming my senses. The feel of his hand, the leather on his wrists and the soft skin of his fingertips pressing into my back. He lets out a small moan as I press my groin against his. I pull back.

“I need to untie you.”

He nods but doesn’t stop kissing me and doesn’t make a move to let me go.


He falls back again and I turn around. My hands work the bands on his thighs, my knees on either side of his torso, my ass practically in his face. While I’m untying the restraints on his legs, his hands span my hips and pull me backwards.


He doesn’t stop, his tongue working its way between my cheeks.

I finish untying his legs quickly. He straightens them and I move forward to massage his sore thighs. He pulls me back, plunging his tongue into me, apparently unconcerned with anything other than tasting me. I try to lean forward, but his arms are insistent. I’m on my knees; he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me down over his face. I’m trapped, and not at all unhappy about it.

I lean my head back, my hands reaching behind me to rest on his shoulders. My eyes closed and my body, already sensitized, responding to every move of his hands and mouth. He pulls me down ‘til his face is buried in me. I feel the heat of his breath and the cold wet of his hair against my ass and I realize we’re not done, not nearly done.

The End.

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  • (no subject)

    I'm reviewing Top Chef Season 11 each week for Phoodie Phoodie the Food Blog check it out, it's…

  • I did a new thing. It's scary, hold my hand, please. has a red sauced stepchild called My brother does a bunch of stuff on there and when I ran across Supermarket Superstar,…

  • Life goes on

    Turns out I was epically tired because I stopped sleeping 37 x an hour. So now i sleep like Darth Vadar and am tired because I adopted This little…