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Where the laws of physics... Have no Meaning

The last digit of Pi is Winchester.

Total Word Salad
24 August 1970
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Um, i'm old, really old... i'm forty.

i live in the Richmond area of Virginia.

i sporadically capitalize things.

i have three two three two three dogs. V-She-Swa is a pure bred bichon. Jack, a 20 lb mutt, Sonic, a 4.75 lb yorkie-poo, and Twink, a 10 lb, bichon, shitzu mix. Lanie, a four year old bichon who I adopted in April of 2009 is about 14 lbs.

I watch SPN a lot and lately, my posts are related entirely to my SPN fiction.

I have written a lot of QAF fanfic, huge epic things and little porny things. So, you know, that's what most of my memories are.

Lately i've been writing SPN fic for the same reason i wrote QAF Fic, my brain creates bunnies and i either write them or they mistake my brain for carrots.

FRIENDING POLICY: I don't f-lock my posts. I just don't. You're welcome to friend me in order to follow my SPN fiction and get updates. I have a rather unwieldy friends lists so I'll friend you back if you make fandom related posts about stuff I'm interested in. (this isn't me being bitchy, it's me trying really hard to be able to read my flist in a single sitting)

If i don't friend you back it's nothing personal.

PLEASE NOTE: I Do Not Write QAF Fanfiction anymore. I am no longer an active member of that fandom. You're welcome to read my fic, and comment, but there is no reason to friend me as no new posts regarding QAF will be forthcoming.

I haven't written in the QAF fandom in over a year. Thanks.

If you love me.

hug me.

*HUGS* TOTAL! give vamphile more *HUGS*
Get hugs of your own

Not Mine, Stolen from spnsecrets Just Happen to Like It

Dean Didn't Do Nuffin'
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